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A New Chance Animal Rescue

To all of our old, and new, supporters:


We are in need of many supplies for our dogs!

Please drop off your supplies at Pet Pub in Bedford Hills. If you purchase there, they will give a 10% discount on supplies (not food).

Our needs are:

  • Blankets, comforters, towels, sheets: (not pillow cases, or placemats, etc)
  • Puppy food: preference for Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Puppy, but any good nutritional food is fine.
  • Adult food:good nutritional kind.
  • Dog toys, especially for puppies, but for all ages.
  • Dog beds: preference for U-Design Pet Bed and matching fleece covers in large or medium size, but all kinds will be helpful.
  • Gently used or new wire or plastic crates (no cat carriers).
  • Gently used or new puppy pens, preferable wire, but all are good, including wood.
  • Dog gates
  • Baby gates.

This is an opportunity for your family to band together and help, without a whole lot of time or effort involved. If you or your children could connect with your own group of contacts and spread the word, the results can be fantastic. If your child is on a sports team, a member of the Girl or Cub Scouts, or belongs to a church or synagogue and wants to do a drive in their own and collect at your own drop-off location, we need them.

Thank you for your help! It is very appreciated!