AJ is a handsome 25 lb., 9 month old, male Sheltie/Aussie mix. This sweetheart is exceptionally light on his feet, giving him the appearance that he is prancing around from activity to activity. He is pretty fast and agile and would excel at agility training or possibly even flyball (if he had some more work on his retrieving skills). AJ is enthusiastic about everything going on and is simply a joy to have around; though he does need some work on not jumping when he is excited, he is smart and treat motivated. His enthusiasm and happiness for his freedom, his friends, his people, and his toys is truly unbeatable. True to his heritage, AJ is a herding dog and will sometimes bite the backs of your ankles or your feet in an attempt to “herd” you. He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home and though he does need to improve his manners with other dogs, he will play with anyone and everyone. He is learning better manners with people and other dogs daily in his foster home and has improved greatly, but he will still need a home that can be consistent and continue his training.

Once he’s had his playtime, AJ loves his cuddle time with his foster mom on the couch (ear rubs are a favorite!) and laying by his foster mom’s feet while she’s working. Although initially afraid to be outside in his foster home, AJ now has a blast running and playing and is precious to watch. Still very much a puppy, he does find things to put into his mouth but fortunately, he is good about being redirected to his toys when it is not something he should have. He also gives the most puzzled faces when the collection of broken pieces of sticks he has made on his bed gets swept away. This guy is crate trained, house trained, comes when called and knows sit, and is working his other basic commands (his enthusiasm makes it hard for him to sit still). AJ is a bit like that mischievous kid who gets in trouble, but because he’s so cute you can’t help but laugh. This darling baby is ready to settle in a home that will enjoy and appreciate him as much as his foster family does; he promises to give you all of the precious head cocking he gives his foster family!

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