Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Amelia, an incredibly unique and exotic looking, 10 month old Wire-haired Pointing Griffon mix has had an amazing journey. Found on the streets in N. Carolina, Amelia was so weak, she couldn’t even lift her head. Fed properly in the shelter, she began to gain weight, only to be placed on the euthanization list because she was considered too scrawny to be adoptable. In the first 6 weeks after we brought her out of the shelter to safety, Amelia gained 15 lbs., almost doubling her weight. Chocolate brown in color, with silvery blue tinged highlights, she managed to keep loving people, and nudges her way in to any lap or petting and just melts in close to your body. Well, this sweet, sweet, girl was lucky enough to be adopted by a family just as sweet as her and now her days are comprised of long walks, time at the dog park and fun at the beach. Take a look at one of her earlier pictures and now look at her after she has been in her adoptive home for just a few months and join us in thanking her family for giving her “a new chance” at the most joyful and happy life.