Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Geordie is a cuddly 3 year old 26 lb Scottish terrier mix with adorable scruffy eyebrows and little white toe socks on his front feet. He loves going for walks, car rides, playing, swimming- he is game for anything and just wants to be your sidekick. Children can make him a bit nervous and he can be selective about his dog friends, so he is looking for an adult forever home where he can be the only dog. Geordie has more…


Martini was one of Tequila Sunrise’s Cocktails and was born on 03/04/18 in one of our loving foster homes.  


Mojito was one of Tequila Sunrise’s Cocktails pups and was born on 03/04/18 in one of our loving foster homes.  


Moose is a stunning 6 month old Chocolate Lab mix.


Fallon is a female Shepherd mix who weighs about 40 lbs.


Mollie is an adorable 20 lb. 2 year old Beagle.


Duncan is truly as handsome as they come and just as delicious to snuggle with!


Prue is a sweet 1-2 year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix.


Gorgeous Misha is 2 year old 44 lb fun-sized terrier mix who turns heads everywhere he goes!

Red (Fred)

Hey everyone! My name is Red but I also go by “good boy”, “handsome”, and “love bug”.


Born on November 22nd, Kugle is one of Holly’s Days and is a stunning Norwegian Elkhound/GSD/Alaskan Malamute mix.


George is a pure love!! This handsome 3 year old Bulldog has the signature big, beefy head and the most kissable face.


Frosty, known to his foster family as “Gray” or “Gray Wolf” due to his unique wolfish look, is breathtakingly handsome. Seriously, everyone is immediately enamored with this Alaskan Malamute/GSD/Norweigan Elkhound mix. Best of all, he is just as fluffy and delicious to touch as he looks! Born 11/24/17, this stunner is a silly guy and loves wrestling and playing with his canine foster siblings. He is happy to root around in his toy box for something to play with on more…


Latke is just as bad for you as deep fried potato pancakes!


Faith, a 4 month old, black lab mix, loves to snuggle!


Dixon is a stunning 4 year old Golden/ German Shepherd mix who is loving, attentive and eager to please. He is built like a shepherd but has a beautiful golden coat and topaz eyes. At the moment he is very underweight, but in time will be in the German Shepherd weight range. Dixon loves belly rubs and snuggles – he just adores human contact. He also seems to like having his picture taken! He is respectful on leash and in more…


Goldie is a fun-loving and outgoing 8 year old, 14 pound terrier mix.