Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Margarita is just as delicious as her name suggests! This scrumptious pup has the adorable look of a Beagle, without the noise level or prey drive of a Hound. Margarita is a real delight, and she is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of everyone she meets! Her tail never stops wagging; she LOVES meeting new people and giving them kisses and cuddles. She is pad trained and is working on her crate training. Margarita is a playful more…


Phoebe is a sweet 1-2 year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix with beautiful butterscotch brindle markings. At about 35 pounds she is fully grown but is still discovering the world from a puppy’s perspective. Phoebe is slowly warming to her new life in rescue. Though she struggles to trust all the new changes, her foster family sees her playful side when she is outside with her canine buddies. Phoebe is cautious and intelligent; she figured out housetraining in no time, is more…


Sophie is truly as cute as them come! This 47 lb. Bassett Hound mix has the trademark, adorable Hound ears and the cutest long body with little legs. She was surrendered to a shelter with her 3 adult siblings and their mother because the family who had her had too many dogs. At 3 years old, this low-rider is past puppy teething and troublemaking. Sophie is a laid back and easygoing girl, who gets along great with other dogs.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise will bring you all of the joy of laying back on the beach with a fruity drink in your hand and the sun beating down (see you’re already in a good mood!). Called “Tequila” or “Sunny” by her foster family because of her peppy personality, this girl is truly a delight. Always up for anything and everything, Sunny loves playing with and meeting new people and canine buddies. She is coming along beautifully with her leash walking skills, more…


Apollo is a as handsome as his namesake! This guy has the most fascinating markings that make him look as if he is wearing a black fur coat, and he is guaranteed to turn heads. At 1-2 years old and 51 lbs, Apollo seems to have the best of the Border Collie breed without the high energy and prey drive of the breed. This laid back guy loves being pet and cuddled and is always up for meeting new people. more…


Athena is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere she goes.


Gorgeous Jessie is a one-year-old red husky mix with two different colored eyes – one blue and one honey-brown. Found alone down south by animal control, Jessie was brought in with a broken front leg. It has been healing beautifully with a splint, and she is expected to make a full recovery. With her striking eyes and rich coloring (she still has her soft fluffy puppy coat!), she is quite a head turner. Jessie is a sweet, smart and eager more…


Meet Bandit, a 3 year old, 43lb shepherd/lab mix!


Ginger is 2.8 year old, 50 lb. true Heinz 57 mutt.


With her fluffy coat, tall body, unique combination of black and tan coloring, and precious brown ears that can’t decide whether to stay up or fold over, Chrissy is truly as cute as they come!


Bono is a handsome 1 year old German Shepherd who is loving, intelligent and playful.


Finn is a curious 4 month old black lab mix with jet-black hair and a tuft of marshmallow white on his chest.


Snoop is a cuddly 5 year old 35lb Hound mix who is just as sweet as pie.


Meet Frankie!! Friendly Frankie is a 16 week old Lab/Aussie mix.


Oliver is a 2 year old mixed breed, around 40 lbs. I see a little Shepherd or maybe some Hound or Lab in this guy. Whatever his mix, it is a good one because he’s a really sweet, easygoing guy. He has tested well with dogs, cats, and kids. Everyone at the shelter and our vet really like him.


Clause is quite a jolly fellow!


True to her name, Merry is simply a ray of sunshine. Her tail never stops wagging, and she has yet to meet a person or dog she doesn’t like. We believe she is a Norwegian Elkhound/Alaskan Malamute/GSD mix, and she is absolutely stunning! Not only does she turn heads everywhere she goes, but this darling is deliciously soft and snuggly and has the most precious, fluffy tail that curls up over her back. Born on 11/22/17, she has grown up more…


Sweet Angel is just as her name suggests, an angelic baby girl!


Rudolph, the puppy, is as loyal as Santa’s most trusted reindeer friend.


Although on the smaller side of her litter, Tinsel has more than enough personality to make up for her size.


Holly is a stunning 6 year old Alaskan Malamute/GSD mix. Weighing only 54 lbs when she arrived to NY, this stunning girl is slowly filling out to the weight she needs to be (probably around 75 lbs). Goofy and loving, it is hard not to fall for this girl instantly. With her amazing looks and thick, soft coat, Holly is just delicious to snuggle with. She adores her people and enjoys getting and giving plenty of hugs and kisses to more…


Fluffy Pixie is a sweet 9 year old Lhasa/Shih Tzu mix.


Sadie is a beautiful, Australian Shepherd/Catahoula/Basset Hound, 18 month old house-trained 40 lb low-rider mix with a cute kink in her leg and unique Merle Blue coloring. She had a rough start to her young life; mainly confined in kennels without the love and care every puppy deserves, Sadie grew up less trusting of humans (especially grown males- she tends to be a fan of the ladies) and needs a special home to help her fully come out of her shell.  Now that she’s learning more…


Meet Millie!! Millie is a 14 lb, 2-3 year old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix.


Hi all of you wonderful humans, my name is Luna! I’m a 45 lb. 2 year old Spaniel/Flat-Coated Retriever mix.


Meet Cullen – foster dog extraordinaire! 


Duke is handsome 2-3 year old 50 lb chocolate lab mix with a beautiful rich brown coat and golden eyes.


Cuddly, sweet Cooper is a 4 year old American Bulldog/ Boxer mix.


Hello everyone! My name is Peanut and I am a 3 year old Beagle.


Harvey is a 3 year old, 50 lb terrier mix who will keep you smiling all day.


Hi everyone I’m Autumn! My humans tell me I’m a Hound mix and about 1 year old.


Murphy is the ideal combination of looks, smarts and charm!


Louise is a vivacious 11 week old, 13 lb. Lab/Border Collie mix.


Samantha is a 7 month old yellow Labrador Retriever mix.


Bella is a precious 6 month old Collie mix, and look-alike of the tv personality, Lassie, with beautiful coloring —butterscotch coat with white belly and “socks”.


Luke is a lovable 10 month old boxer/hound mix. His tail is always wagging when you interact with him and he is happy to follow his humans around the house. He loves snuggling and playing with his toys. If you put your face down close to his, he is always ready to give you a kiss or two! For a young dog, he has come a long way. He is fully housebroken and is not a big chewer. Although he more…


Lilo is a 12 week old 20 lb Boxer mix puppy.


Sweet little Stitch is a 12 week old, 20 lb boxer mix puppy who is just as cute and adorable as the beloved Disney character he is named after.


Hey everyone, my name is Rizzo but I also go by cutie, sweetheart, and love-bug! I’m a 2 year old, 40 lb., Spaniel/Flat-Coated Retriever mix and I’m pretty adorable if I do say so myself I LOVE all people, especially my foster family! They give me a lot of affection, which is great because I’m really affectionate myself. My favorite thing to do is get pet and it makes me SO happy! When they stop I’m always there to remind more…


Baby Anna is truly as cute as they come!


Stella, a precious 6 month old Collie mix, is truly as darling as they come.


Waylon is a very chipper, sweet, gentle and affectionate 4 to 5 month old lab/Shepherd mix puppy.


Meet baby boy Buck!!  Buck is a 10 week old Boxer/Hound Mix who is just as sweet as can be.


MEET BARON the most beautiful 2 year old, German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix you’ll ever see.


Harlem is a very handsome 3 year old boy. We think this large 80 lb boy is a Bernese Mountain Dog Mix; he certainly has the paws to prove it! Harlem was an emaciated guy trying to survive on the streets in South Carolina, and when we brought him here to the safety of a foster home he settled into a relaxing home life beautifully! He is now a healthy weight and a happy guy; he loves following his people more…


Julian is a 2 year old, 30 pound male lab mix who will melt your heart.


Lola is a sweet, loving 9 month old Collie/Lab mix who weighs about 35 pounds.


Colton is a 45lb Spaniel mix estimated to be about a year old.


Malachite is a very special gemstone.


Are you a sucker for big brown puppy eyes?!


Deliciously scruffy, Biscuit is as cute as they come!


Adorable Gravy is a 20 lb., 1 year old cutie looks who like a Tibetan Terrier mix.


Buttercup is a gorgeous 1-2 year old, Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix.

Shelby (Peaches)

Meet Shelby!  This gorgeous, easygoing girl is perfect for those who want the fluff and social nature of a Golden in a smaller package.


Zorro, named for his unique markings on his face that make him look as if he is wearing a mask, is truly as cute as they come.


1 year old Hound/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix WESTLEY has a love for life that shines through from the moment you meet him. His happy-go-lucky personality is contagious. You cannot help but smile from ear to ear when in his company. Whether it’s with his canine friends or by himself, this energetic boy loves to play and have fun! People can’t help but smile and laugh around Westley because he is just so silly and adorable!! He also loves his toys and more…


Amethyst is as show stopping as the stone she is named for!


Beautiful Molly is a 3 1/2 year old, approximately 65lbs., Lab/Pointer mix.


Hello!! My name is Lacey and I am the sweetest little pure bred beagle that there ever was!!


Micah is the most precious baby boy with the most innocent puppy eyes.


Onyx has the most quintessential puppy face!


Jasper the puppy has some of the most stunning red highlights in his coat, much more beautiful than the gemstone Jasper!


Obsidian, who was originally named for his stunning jet black coat, has become more of a uniquely stunning chocolate brown color with red and brown shading in his coat.

Benji (Marty)

Benji (Marty), seen here with his happy new mom, was adopted on  7/10/17.


Cagney is an adorable, sweet, kind Beagle, who we believe to be around three years old.


Ruby has all the uniqueness of the most stunning gemstone!