Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …

Sat 6/2 Meet & Greet!

Meet Our Foster Dogs @Pet Valu            When:  Saturday June 2,  from 11 to 12:30          Where: Pet Valu, 739 Bedford Road,  Bedford Hills NY   Please note: In order to adopt a dog right away, a pre-approved Adoption Application needs to be on file ANEWCHANCEAR.ORG with a home visit completed.


Hachi is a 1-year-old, 45 lb, Border Collie/Collie mix who loves to be around people! 


Bruno is a sweet 3-year-old, male, Basset Hound mix who is approximately 60 pounds.  


Holiday Shop-A-Thon! Sat, Dec 9

 Please join us Saturday, December 9th from 10am-5pm   for the Petworks Holiday Shopathon to benefit A New Chance Animal Rescue with our “Give 10 and Get 20 Sale” with a minimum donation of $10 to A New Chance Animal Rescue you’ll receive 20% off any purchase you make (except food) at PetWorks 148 North Bedford Rd, Mount Kisco, NY 1-800-PET GIFT A New Chance Animal Rescue is a local 501c3 foster-based rescue group. They are an amazing group more…

Cancelled! Sat 5/12 MEET & GREET!

We are so sorry, 5/12 has been cancelled Old Salem Farm Meet & Greet Sat 5/12 When:  Sat, May 12, 11A to 2P Where: Old Salem Farm, 190 June Road, North Salem, NY . 10560 OUR DOGS CAN’T WAIT TO MEET , YOU! PLEASE NOTE:    In order to adopt a dog right away, a pre-approved Adoption Application needs to be on file on ANEWCHANCEAR.ORG with a home visit completed.  


Buddy is a 7 year old purebred Shih Tzu who is a super sweet dog that just loves everyone, adults and kids alike.


Fern is  2 year old Terrier Mix.

Hurricane Harvey Help!

** Texas Dogs Displaced by Hurricane Harvey **  Need Emergency Donations and Placement!  If you would like to help please DONATE and/or ENTER A FOSTER APPLICATION

Meet & Greet-Sun, October 1st !

MEET OUR SPECIAL FOSTER DOGS! When:  Sunday Oct 1,  from 11a to 2p Where: Old Salem Farm, 190 June Rd, North Salem, NY 10560 Please note: In order to adopt a dog right away, a pre-approved Adoption Application needs to be on file ANEWCHANCEAR.ORG with a home visit completed.  


Hayden is a sweet and friendly 2-year old female Coon Hound who loves adults, kids, other dogs and most cats.


Stunning Jade, named for her beautiful and unique eyes, a fascinating blend of green and gray, was adopted 7/22/17.

Flint (Leppo)

Flint is as reliable as the stone used to make tools for hundreds of years!


Sapphire the puppy, certainly of the highest quality a Gemstone can be, was adopted on 7/23/17.


Topaz, a most precious little Gemstone, was adopted on 7/22/17.


Shellie is a very unique 2 year old mix breed.


Buttons, cute as a button and as delicious as a chocolate button, was adopted on 7/22/17.


Marie is a 4 month old Beagle mix.


Sage is an Aussie/Icelandic Sheepdog mix.


Cooper is a male, 45 lb., 2 year old, black Lab mix who is simply a love.


Gorgeous Curry, is a male, approximately 3 year old English Shepherd mix.


Bella, a beautiful and gentle soul, is a female, 50 lb., 4 year old black lab mix.


Bear, a 2 year old, 58 lb., Golden Retriever mix with a heart full of love to give, was adopted 7/25/17. Here’s Bear relaxing with his new family.


DJ is a handsome and sweet 1 year old, 50 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier Mix.


Donnie, a 17 week old, 12 lb., Beagle mix is a very precious little guy.

Reeses (Chico)

Just like his namesake, Reeses the puppy is loved by everyone!


Twix is just like a Twix bar – hardy like the cookie at the center but wrapped in a completely delicious package!

Almond Joy

Joy (full name Almond Joy) is truly a joy to have around and was adopted on 7/21/17!


Just like her namesake, Mallomar is a one of a kind girl.


Wispa will melt your heart like a good chocolate bar on your tongue!

Heath Bar

Heath Bar, usually just known as Heath, has a sugary sweet inside.


Razzles is quite the dazzler! This spunky, big boy is always up for anything.


Hershey with his chocolate brown coat and bright eyes, was officially adopted as a Fire House Mascot on 7/13/17.

Snickers (Sophie)

Snickers is just like the candy bar – absolutely delicious and surprisingly crunchy (no, not literally!).


True to her name, Sugar is just that: pure sweetness! This deliciously silly girl can light up any room she dances into with her wiggly body, veraciously wagging tail, smiling face, and adorable noises of delight. Sugar never fails to remind her people how much she absolutely adores them, and her love and joy is contagious. This 2 year old, 58 lb. Lab/Boxer mix loves wrestling and romping around with her canine buddies, but she is just as happy to more…


Sophie, a sweet, gentle soul, 10 weeks old & weighing 16 lbs will be a large dog when fully grown.


Sarge is an adorable 25 lb., 13 week old lab mix.  He is expected to be about 60 lbs when fully grown.


Faith is a 1½-year-old petite Terrier mix.


Carter, a male 3 year old Corgi mix, weighing in at about 26 lbs. has a face that makes everyone smile.


Sienna is a beautiful, inside and out, 2 year old Aussie mix.


August aka Augie is an 8.5 month old, 26 lb Border Collie/Bassett hound mix who will quickly find a place in your heart with his playful smile.

Thank you Ali !

A New Chance Animal Rescue was founded on the premise that kids can make a difference in their communities when they put their minds to it and get involved.  Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a very special young lady, Ali DeFilippo, who had saved her allowance money for a year so she could donate it to ANCAR.  At only 10 years old, it is clear that Ali is headed for great things!  Thank you Ali!


Beautiful Bailey is a 1.5 year old 45 lb. female Aussie mix.


Markey, a 2-3 year old, 66 lb. Hound Mix is simply gorgeous. This kind, laid back, and gentle boy absolutely adores all people and gets along well with other dogs.


Sierra is a wonderful and engaged 2 year old, 45 lb. female, Aussie/Golden Retriever mix.


Barley is a silky soft 1.5 year old, 45 lb. Aussie mix.  This handsome boy has the most soulful eyes that reach deep into your soul and express all of his emotions quite effectively.

Thank you Adam Nack!

We’d like to extend a **HUGE** thank you to Adam Nack for collecting supplies for us at his Bar Mitzvah celebration!!  On top of this amazing display of generosity, Adam and his family are ANCAR adopters and, best of all, a wonderful foster family. Adam, we are so proud to have a young man of your character among the ranks of our junior volunteers!


April, a beautiful 4 year old, 41 lb, female Border Collie mix was adopted today. Here I am enjoying hanging out with my new family, that’s me on the left.


Hunter is a handsome 4 year old approximately 60 pound chocolate lab.


Anders, a 6 years old, 43 lb., male Collie mix is just a real sweetheart.


Reed, a three legged, 5 year old Black Lab mix is a really fabulous guy.




Scout, a 4 year old 65 lb Chessie, is such a sweet wonderful guy.



Terrance has settled in beautifully!! He is the most lovable dog ever.

Mary Kate

Mary Kate is an absolute doll!  This 14 month old Anatolian Shepherd mix has not had an easy life thus far, as she was held in a cage for many months as part of a court case.

5-21 Sophia’s Documentary

PLEASE JOIN US for a FREE SCREENING of Sophia Silverman’s documentary film “A New Chance” WHEN:    Monday, May 21st at 6:15 -7:30 pm (film and Q&A) WHERE:  Mount Kisco Bow Tie Cinemas,  144 Main Street, Mount Kisco     Q & A w/ SOPHIA FOLLOWING SCREENING  FREE ADMISSION:  (Donation Box will be made available)   * THIS FILM IS NOT FORMALLY RATED BUT IS PG 13  


Porsche is a 1 year old, 30 lb, Australian Shepherd/Catahoula/Basset Hound mix.  


Meet sweet little Junebug at 8 months old and 22 lbs of bounce wiggle. With the body of a Doxie and her stunning brown markings it’s hard to know what her mix is. Her mom, April, appears to be a Border Collie mix.


Mabel is a, petite, 26 lb., one year old yellow lab mix.


Tyson is a 2 year old, 13 lb, Terrier mix who is the toast of the dog park- his magnetic personality attracts humans and dogs alike and his scruffy little face makes everyone smile.


Sammy is a 1 1/2 year old Hound/Coonhound mix weighing approximately 45 lbs.


Bentley is a 1 year old, 25 lb. Lab mix. This little boy has small legs but a very big personality.


Tanner is a sweet 2 year old, 10 lb, Terrier mix .


Oliver, an 82 lb, 3 year old, male Shepherd mix is really special.


Daisy, an 11 month old, 38 lb., female Basenji/Lab mix is absolutely darling with those big adorable ears!


AJ is a handsome 25 lb., 9 month old, male Sheltie/Aussie mix.


May is a precious 22 lb., 8 1/2 month old Bassett Hound/Border Collie mix.


Charlie, a 3 year old, 80 lb, chocolate brown, Flat Coated Retriever/Spaniel mix has been amazing in his foster home.


Harper, a 2-3 year old, female, Australian Shepard mix is simply a love.


Annie, a 2 year old, 35 lb., female Cattle Dog mix is a total sweetheart and is the perfect family dog.


Madison, a 2 year old, 35-40 lb. female, mini-Doberman mix is a real sweetheart.


Buddy, a 3 year old, male, 54 lb. Chocolate Lab mix, is such a good guy. He loves to snuggle and just hang out.


Duke,a male, 42 lb., black lab mix, about 11 months old was adopted on 7/7/17.

Annabelle (sib to AJ)


Ziggy is an extremely special, tripod, 25 lb. pocket Pittie!

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a beautiful 45 lb., approximately 2 year old Chinook/Shepherd mix.


Midnight is a 10 month old Cavapoo.


Paprika is a 6 month old, 35lb., Collie/Australian Shepherd mix puppy whose personality is well matched to her name.


Basil is a handsome 6 month old, 40 lb. Aussie/Collie mix.

Wags & Whiskers Open

Thank you Wags & Whiskers from Pebbles.   I feel lighter and cleaner and have recently been adopted!   Thank you so much for all you do for A New Chance dogs.     Wags & Whiskers ~Dog Grooming~            Location:  392 King Street, Chappaqua, NY     Hours:  Tues – Fri (8am to 4pm), Sat (8am to 3pm) | T: 914-238-0244


Spice is the cutest 8.5 month old, 50 lb., male Collie/Aussie mix puppy with the softest coat.


Rosemary is a uniquely stunning 6 month old, 35 lb. Aussie mix puppy.


Addy, a female, 40 lb., chocolate brown, 7 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix is quite a sensation; with her trademark Chessie eyes, she captivates everyone she meets.


Hannah, a 35-40 lb. 14 month old black lab mix is a real love.


Autumn, a 40 lb., chocolate brown, 7 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix is absolutely adorable.


Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde (female & male)  are 10 lb., one year old, Min Pin mixes and are about about as darling as they come.


Pepper, a 2-3 year old, 50 lb., male Aussie/Shepherd mix is not only beautiful, but a delightful guy as well.


Maggie, a female, 50 lb., 2-3 year old Golden/Corgi mix, is a real affectionate gal!


Little Sally (as her foster mom calls her), is a wire haired Dachshund/Schnauzer mix who may be six but has the heart and energy of a pup.


To be a star you must shine your own light… Well no light shines greater than from our beautiful Star…. Brilliant, magnificent Star is a 5 month old boxer mix, weighing 38 lbs, with a gentle soul and a playful personality.


Jupiter, a 5 month old, 32 lb., Shepherd mix has a loving heart as big as the beautiful planet he is named after.


Frank is an AWESOME 2+ year old, 73lb, Shephard Aussie mix. He is puppy-like, but has a very gentle demeanor.


Hamilton is a King Charles Cavalier-Spaniel mix.


Comet is a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog mix.  This handsome fella is the largest of his litter at 42 pounds.


Hugs, a 52 lb., 2 year old, brindle American Staffordshire Terrier mix is named for his absolute huggable-ness!


Ashley is a loving 11 month old, 60 lb., Anatolian Shepherd mix. True to her breed she is loyal, watchful, alert and intelligent.


Kota is a male, 2 year old. 65 lb. Husky/Malamute mix


Mack, a 45 lb., 3 year old female, Black Lab mix is a real sweetheart.


Elsa, a 55 lb., 2 1/2 year old female Airedale mix is a real sweetheart.  


Sweet Venus, a 5 month old, 35 lb, female Lab mix, is perfectly named after the Venus in our magnificent solar system.


Terry, a male, 35 lb., 6 year old, Sheltie/Aussie mix is absolutely adorable.


Meet Pebbles, a 4 yr old, female Pyrenees, who is 100 lbs of pure love. She’s super sweet, loves to be near you and is very affectionate :-).



Brisko is a 2 year old, 24 lb. Scottish Terrier mix who is truly as cute as they come.


Olive is a 4 1/2 month old Great Dane puppy mix.  She has huge feet and will be very big!


Precious and sweet Michelangelo is a 16 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix, who will be approximately 60 lbs when full grown.


Jax is handsome 1.5 year old Black Lab mix with all of the perks of the breed in a perfectly compact 32 lb. package!


Darcy is an adorable teddy bear of a 3 year old Great Pyrenees. Weighing in at 63 lbs., this fluffy girl appears larger than she actually is.


Donatello is a 15 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Coonhound mix and is currently 20 lbs of pure deliciousness.


Olivia is an adorable 10 month old, 35 lb. Cattle Dog mix.


Zeus is a loving and furry 5 month old Anatolian Shepherd.


Zoe is a precious 5 month old, 32 lb. Anatolian Shepherd mix.

Kari (Ladybug)

Kari, a.k.a Ladybug, is a 15 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Coonhound mix.


Ruby is a magnificent 11.5 month old purebred Golden Retriever.


Leonardo is a 15 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Coonhound mix.


Aster, one of Flower’s stunning Petals is as cute as they come.


Titan is an absolutely wonderful 2 1/2 year old, male Great Pyrenees who is simply a giant dog with a giant heart!


Molly is a 14 week old border collie mix.


Magnolia is the most darling little puppy!  Just like her momma, Flower, she is pure sweetness.


Pansy, this darling little ray of sunshine was born 06/21/16 and is one of Flower’s (pictured on right) Petals.


Dahlia, one of Flower’s Petals, born 06/2116 is a sweetheart.


One of Flower’s Petals, Lilac, born 06/21/16, has been raised in a loving foster home so she knows the ins and outs of living in a home and is very well socialized with people.


Lily, a stunning member of Flower’s Petals, is just the cutest little girl!


Clover, a most handsome baby boy, was born on 06/21 and is one of Flower’s irresistible Petals.


Chrysanthemum, one of Flower’s Petals, was born 06/21/16. The only light pup in her litter, this precious baby girl is a delicious doll.


Flower is a stunning 3 year old, 48 lb. Golden Retriever/Belgian Tervuren mix. She gave birth to 8 stunning petals in June 2016.



Wally is a very happy 4 year old , 35 lb Aussie Retriever mix.


Mandy  is a 10 month old, 30 lb. Spaniel Mix with the sweetest disposition.


Winnie, a 2 year old, 30 lb., mini Shepherd/Sheltie mix, is SUPER sweet.


Lindsey is a darling 3 year old, 37 lb. Yellow Lab mix.


Gem is the cutest little 6 month old, 25 lb. Border Collie/Spaniel mix pup.


Thelma is a precious 15 lb., 3 year old Cairn Terrier mix.

Reed – ’16 adoption, then returned in ’17

Reed is a 4 year old, 43 lb. Lab/Greyhound mix.


Jupiter, a handsome 3 year old, 50 lb.Collie/Shepherd mix who takes everything in stride.


Rhett, (aka Sadie) about 16 weeks old, is an absolutely fabulous Spaniel mix.


Oakley is an 11 year old Flat-Coated Retriever/Spaniel mix who looks like a big, fluffy toy doggie and is just as soft and cuddly.


Roxie is a stunning, 10 year old, likely purebred Chocolate Lab with a personality of gold!


Wilson is a 10 month old, 40 lb. Shar Pei mix.


Helen is a 7 year old Maltipoo and weighs about 8 lbs. This dog is perfection!!


Hazel is 3 yr old Maltipoo and weighs 8 lbs.


Binx is a handsome 55 lb., 1-2 year old Yellow Lab mix.


Rey is an adorable, sweet natured 14 week on yellow lab mix whose little tail never stops wagging with delight.


Friendly and intelligent Anakin is a 14 week old yellow lab mix.


Handsome Beau is a 14 week old Spaniel mix who’s 20 pounds of deliciousness keeps his foster momma smiling from ear to ear.


Jake is a stunning 35 lb., 10-12 month old Spaniel mix.


Perry is the most adorable 29 lb., 2 year old Yellow Lab mix…maybe mixed with some Beagle.


Tammy is a precious 25 lb., 11 month old Hound mix.


Max is a unique 2 year old, 60 lb. Shepherd/Husky mix with stunning blue eyes.


Padme is an independent, confident Yellow Lab mix.


Luke is 12 week old Yellow Lab mix.  


Introducing lovely Leia, a 12 week old Yellow Lab mix.


Beautiful Scarlett is a happy-go-lucky Spaniel mix puppy.  At 12 weeks old this petite girl weighs 9 lbs and we are estimating will only be approximately 20-25 lbs when full grown.


Gentle is a stunning 32 lb., 1.5-2 year old Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix.


Katie is an adorable 3-4 year old, 35 lb. Australian Shepherd mix.


Oreo is a handsome 1.5 year old, 40 lb. Pittie mix.


Wallace is an awesome 3 year old, 60 lb. German Shepherd mix.  With his one blue eye and one brown eye, this guy is sure to turn heads with his unique look!


Truvy is an adorable 1.5 year old, 22 lb. Doxie mix.



Phinn is a precious 14-15 week old Pointer/Border Collie mix.


Anna is a stunning 30 lb., 2-3 year old Beagle/English Shepherd mix.


Ginger is a gorgeous 7 month old, 30 lb. Chessie mix.


Brody is a gentle 50 lb., 3 year old Flat-Coated Retriever mix.


Kit is an adorable 1.5 year old, 12 lb. Chi/Pomeranian mix.


Piper is a gorgeous 5 month old Pointer/Retriever mix puppy.


Pretty Paige is a tender hearted 12 week old, 15 lb., English Pointer Mix whose sweet, soulful eyes will melt your heart at first sight.


Beautiful Phoebe is a 12 week old, 15 lb., English Pointer Mix whose bubbly, energetic personality shines through from the moment you meet her.  


Paulie is the most adorable 12 week old Pointer Mix. He has beautiful brown and white markings and is so soft to the touch.


Bandit is an adorably scruffy 2-3 year old, 26 lb. mix.


Blaze is a stunning 9 month old, 50 lb. Lab/Golden/Basset Hound cutie!


Lucky is a an amazing 3 year old, 60 lb., Yellow Lab mix.


Jeffrey is a precious 4.5-5 month old Spaniel/Doxie mix.