Bella is a precious 6 month old Collie mix, and look-alike of the tv personality, Lassie, with beautiful coloring —butterscotch coat with white belly and “socks”. She is truly as darling as they come, and everyone who meets her says she has a sweet personality. With the trademark lean and tall Collie body and the precious big ears, she is a stunning girl with long beautiful golden hair. This sweetheart loves everyone she meets (people and dogs, but barks around horses). She’s very good with our older dog and she keeps her on her toes. Bella is silly and puppy like in her play and she romps around inviting everyone to engage with her.  She loves being petted and cuddled. Bella is house-trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash, knows “sit” and is working on her other basic commands. She loves to play “fetch” with a stick and roll around in the grass. She is a bright girl who would excel at obedience training, agility and any other fun activities her new family would like to engage in. This baby is still learning not to jump up when she’s excited and she will continue to do well in a home that gives her clear guidance and sets limits – she thrives when she has direction. She is good about playing with her toys and she is adorable to watch as she romps and tosses them up in the air to play or takes them into her crate to play with (or just to nap on!). Bella is a truly wonderful girl who will no doubt be the love of someone’s life!

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