Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Bowie is a strikingly handsome 82 lb 3 year old German Shepherd/Belgian Tervuren mix who is truly a gentle giant. He is mellow around the house and happy to be outside in the backyard where he can sniff and explore. Despite having a very difficult start to his life, he is a very sweet boy who is kind with other dogs and loves children.

When Bowie was rescued as part of a cruelty seizure, he was only 50 lbs and had been chained without food and water for days at a time. He is now a healthy 32 lbs heavier, and is making up for those lost years, readily accepting the hugs, kisses and love he so deserves! At the end of the day he loves to go into his comfy crate for a good night’s sleep: it is his safe sleeping space. True to his breed mix, Bowie is smart and quick to learn. Because of his size, he is strong, but is doing well with a harness on walks and hikes.

While he is still coming out of his shell, it’s clear that Bowie is one sweet big guy who is very ready to settle in to his best years as a loving member of a happy family.