Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Charlie, at 1 – 2 years old is a stunningly beautiful Golden Retriever who was a “stray” at a high kill shelter in N. Carolina on the list to be euthanized on Dec. 24, 2012. You see, Charlie couldn’t be placed on the Adoption Floor to be seen because he was deemed “too skinny” and they thought no one would want him. We found out about him on Dec. 23rd and had him pulled the very next day. We brought him here for foster care where Charlie showed that he was a real love who was already housebroken and who knew his basic commands. At our Adoption Event at Pet Pub in Bedford Hills, a very kind gentleman happened to see and talk to one of our volunteers. He and his family were not thinking of adopting a dog, but when he saw Charlie he decided to talk to his wife, fully expecting that she would be against it,especially because they had always had female dogs. Within hours the introduction was made and the entire family was smitten. They wrote “…we think he should…join our humble dog loving family. Charlie is here and I think enjoy(s) the attention without many canine friends about…is marvelous…right at home…he is simply awesome. God’s providence…What a wonderful mission, and a wonderful website.”

Well, how lucky could a boy be? Thank you so much to Charlie’s new family for having so much love to give Charlie his new chance.