Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


With her fluffy coat, tall body, unique combination of black and tan coloring, and precious brown ears that can’t decide whether to stay up or fold over, Chrissy is truly as cute as they come! This Alaskan Malamute/GSD/Norwegian Elkhound mix is as smart as her breed heritage suggests. The first of her litter to truly figure out the world, Chrissy is destined for great things. She is a social butterfly, whether she is hanging out with humans or other dogs. This angel loves twirling around her mama’s long legs and romping around with her toys, but she is also just as happy to hang out in her bed with a toy and can often be found carrying her toys to her bed to hang out. Her playful spirit is infectious, as is her true love of life. She LOVES getting her picture taken, and she totally hams it up for the camera. With the cutest play bow and silly prance, this girl is hilarious to watch dancing around and is a vision of pure joy. She has some of the same mannerisms as her mama, which gives her an air of inquisitive dignity. This sweetheart adores her cuddle time with her people, and she just melts when she is pet. Chrissy promises to fill your house with the joy of the holiday season for the entire year!

Born on November 22nd in rural WV, Chrissy is one of Holly’s Days and has been in foster care in NY since she was about four weeks old. She is crate trained, sleeps through the night, and coming along nicely with her house training. Before falling love and applying, please keep in mind that young puppies require plenty of exercise, stimulation, training, and socialization for many months to come.

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