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Clause is quite a jolly fellow! This stunning guy has the look of a Norweigan Elkhound right down to the precious black mask on his face. We think he is a Norwegian Elkhound/GSD/Alaskan Malamute mix, but what we do know is that he is scrumptious! Clause is a very inquisitive puppy and is always engaged with his people, his canine buddies, and his environment. He has the most quintessential puppy dog eyes, and he will try to compel you to let him get away with anything with just one adoring look! As a young pup, he is just beginning to truly learn about the world, and he is fascinated with it. Clause is always up for a good wrestling match with his siblings, and he loves running around and shaking his toys in his mouth as he romps. This guy promises to bring plenty of gifts to a loving home!

Born on November 22nd in rural WV, Clause is one of Holly’s Days and has been in foster care in NY since he was about four weeks old. He will be ready for adoption after 01/17/18, but we are now accepting applications for him. Before falling love and applying, please keep in mind that young puppies require plenty of exercise, stimulation, training, and socialization for many months to come.

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