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Bart Dog

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Thank You, Gernine!


Gernine Tuckner wears many hats at ANCAR. She is an amazing Board Member, a dynamic volunteer, a generous donor, and a nurturing foster mother. In 2015, Gernine has fostered over 20 dogs. She often takes puppies in together and works very hard to prepare them properly for their forever homes. Gernine is always welcoming and educating new volunteers and foster homes, and she makes a point to really teach each of her adopters about the responsibility of owning a dog before they consider adopting. She is passionate about the work ANCAR does and referred some friends to ANCAR to donate, foster, and adopt. Gernine is a beacon of hope for the dogs that she opens her home to who would have lost their lives without her generosity. From all of the dogs you have helped save, THANK YOU Gernine for championing for them.

ANCAR in Bedford Magazine!

Check out the newest issue of Bedford Magazine to see Kingston on the cover and some of our amazing adoptable dogs inside! October’s issue featured an article entitled “Sheltered” about animal rescue efforts in our community. Thank you Jim Dratfield’s Petography and Jamie Kilgore Photography who donated their time to take these great pictures of our adoptable dogs.





Thank You, NWH!

NWH-imageThank You to Northern Westchester Hospital for including us in their gala benefit this year at Old Salem Farm! This year’s theme was Patient Centered Care and we were proud to represent the therapeutic and health benefits that dogs provide to humans. We met some amazing and caring animal lovers and our dog ambassadors, Reeses and Kingston, were on hand to give dog cuddles and kisses. Northern Westchester Hospital even baked us these jumbo dog biscuits to hand out to guests as they left.

biscuitThank you so much for inviting A New Chance to your annual event, Northern Westchester Hospital, and for giving us such a wonderful showcase to introduce people to our work.

SC Strays Need A Chance

SC-StraysSince March, A New Chance has been working on trapping approximately 10 to 15 street dogs in a rural SC town with no animal control officer (read below). They are all very sweet, but are timid because the neighborhood kids throw rocks at them. These dogs so deserve their new chance! If you can help sponsor their extensive veterinary needs, please make a donation.

From Humane Society of Marlboro County May Facebook Post….

A New Chance Animal Rescue Helps Clio, SC Resident

Back in March of this year, Tonya Brown published a news story about an elderly woman, Mrs. Cooper, in Clio, SC who felt trapped in her home by all the stray dogs in her front yard. Marlboro County has been without an animal control officer to pick up strays for a couple of years now (the county does pick up vicious or attacking animals).

The President of our Humane Society, Jennifer Hyduke, visited Mrs. Cooper to evaluate the situation and see what the Humane Society of Marlboro County could do to help. The dogs and puppies on and near the property did indeed appear stray, hungry and not cared for although one neighbor claimed that one of the dogs was his. We had very little available space at our shelter and knew we were not equipped to deal with these very, very shy, unsocialized dogs who had likely never known a kind hand.

We reached out to A New Chance Animal Rescue from Bedford Hills, NY. We showed them the news story and explained the situation to see if they could help. They were horrified to read the commenters under the new story on suggesting that the dogs be shot or poisoned with several people offering to come do just that!

Sophia from A New Chance Animal Rescue immediately called fellow rescuer Maureen who lives in NC and works closely with her to save so many lives. Maureen has a great talent in working with unsocialized and shy animals and agreed to help, driving down to meet with Jennifer and the Mayor of Clio. Since then, Maureen has traveled to Mrs. Cooper’s home in Clio, SC and captured several of the dogs and is rehabilitating them before sending them on to Sophia and ANCAR in NY to find new homes and new lives as valued pets. She will be returning over the next couple of weeks to trap more of the dogs still left there around Mrs. Cooper’s home.

SC-Strays2 SC-Strays1
As you can imagine, these poor animals were all in very poor health – starved, full of parasites, covered in fleas and ticks, injuries, some almost bald from severe mange and heartworm positive. Maureen and A New Chance Animal Rescue are treating all their medical issues, will spay and neuter them, vaccinate them and treat them for heartworms which is all very, very expensive. Heartworm treatment alone is on average $350 per dog! That’s not counting all the weeks and months it takes to socialize them, transport these dogs and get them adopted into loving homes.

A New Chance needs our help to cover the costs of caring for our Marlboro County dogs. The only way we will ever get a handle on the animal overpopulation in Marlboro County is by our residents becoming responsible pet owners and making sure their pets are spayed and neutered! We are working on trying to get a mobile spay/neuter clinic to the area to help in this daunting task.”

Thank you, Jaden!

Jaden_BuddyFor her birthday, Jaden Pinski, 8 years old, asked that her gifts be given to A New Chance, instead of herself, to help support our work.  She raised $340.21!!  Way to go Jaden and thank you so much! Here she is with her adopted dog, Buddy, rescued by A New Chance.

Pilots N Paws

pnp-round-logoWe’d like to thank Pilots N Paws pilots Dina and Mark B., Todd Workman, and Andrew Topp for flying Marcus and Marlee to NY from NC this past weekend. This is the first time we have worked with this wonderful organization. We can’t say enough about the dedication and excellent service that these volunteer pilots provide in transporting animals that are in need of a home to those who will rescue them!  We are so grateful for their role in helping us with our two little sweethearts.



Adoption Days December 6 and 7

Our first transport will be arriving on November 29 and will feature these adorable dogs. We will post updated descriptions and photos as soon as they are available.

Once these dogs have had some time to settle in from their journey, we will be hosting two dog adoption events on December 6 and 7.

Thank you for a Wonderful Year

YE2014_web2014 has been a heartwarming year at A New Chance Animal Rescue with 103 sweet souls given their new chance. This is our best year yet and we have all of the old and new volunteers who stepped up to foster to thank for this achievement. Since we are a shelter-free organization, the correlation between the number of lives saved and the number of our foster homes is a direct one. This year some of our previous adopters have decided to “pay it forward” by caring for a new dog until the right home can be found; much as they are so joyful now with their dog, by fostering they are laying the groundwork for another family to experience that same joy.

2014 has also given us the opportunity to continue doing one of our favorite things: saving perfectly wonderful dogs that are never seen by the public and who are passed over by other rescues and adopters. This year we took many dogs, some of whom were even abandoned by their rescues after they tested positive for Heartworm;  two mother dogs who were left behind to die as other groups saved their puppies; a dog whose leg needed amputation; a puppy who was hit by a car; two dogs surrendered by a backyard breeder in such bad condition that one had to be hospitalized; and a dog who was septic even as she sat unnoticed in the shelter. These dogs are only some of the sweethearts rescued this year, and as you know, even the healthy dogs have many expenses that need to be covered. Your continued support in helping these amazing dogs is truly life changing.

2014 has also brought to light an emerging problem in the south, besides their high euthanization rates.  Both last year and again this year, it has gotten extremely cold in many of the states we rescue from.  This has created a new crisis for the shelters that don’t have heat. One of our goals this winter is to also save as many dogs and puppies as we can from freezing to death, a fate much worse than humane euthanasia. With this new mission, as well as with our continued fight for life, we are thankful for the support of our volunteers, fosters, adopters, and donors.

With warmest wishes to all of you, and to all of your canine and human family members, for a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year

Wipe Your Paws

at-the-groomers-300x199A huge thank you to Wipe Your Paws from Rosie, Sade, Nebraska and Ozzie for making us look so beautiful in the last couple of weeks. None of us are small dogs, (and two of us are rather large), so we are so grateful for your gracious accommodation of our needs. We look fabulous, we feel great, and two of us even got adopted! Thank you so much for all you do for A New Chance dogs.

Off to a Great Start!

November 1st marks the kick-off of our new Home for the Holiday Program. We have just received word that a loyal supporter has stepped forward and agreed to match up to $1,000 in donations we receive from the public through the end of December!

Holidays are a time of joy, but not so for the many sweet dogs who are routinely euthanized in North Carolina shelters just days before Christmas in advance of the shelters closing for the holidays. The goal of the Home for the Holiday Program is to help as many homeless dogs as we can experience the joys of love in a real home during this holiday season.

Right now, we are busy selecting new dogs from the shelters and hope to have them in our area within several weeks. To provide temporary homes for them when they arrive, we need to have more foster families. Would you consider opening up your home and heart this holiday season? Click here to learn more about fostering. We cover all costs, so you can save your money for gifting!

Another way to give meaningfully this season is to be a part of our supply drive. We need food and toys for our newly rescued dogs. We also need donations to help pay for medical expenses of our dogs.

Here are some suggestions of needed items:

Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice – puppy and adult dry food
Taste of the Wild Pacific Fish – puppy and adult dry food
Fromm – puppy, adult and grain-free

Wobblers of all sizes
Nyla Bones – all shapes, flavors and sizes
Puppy toys – all varieties
All toys

Also needed are wire or plastic crates, puppy pens, dog beds and covers.

Any donated items can be dropped off at Kisco Pet Food Center (formerly known at the Pet Pub) at 719 North Bedford Road in Bedford Hills. If time is of the essence (and we know how busy everyone gets!), please email us at and we will work with you to make other arrangements.

This holiday season, thank you for giving a homeless dog a new chance!

Adoption Day on Oct 25

A New Chance Rescue will be holding an adoption day in front of Houlihan, Lawrence on Saturday, October 25, 2014 between the hours of 11 am until 2 pm. Please swing by! You never know; you might meet your new best furry friend! See you there …

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Adoption Day on May 24!

A New Chance Rescue will be holding an adoption day in front of the Katonah Village Library in Katonah on May 24, 2014 between the hours of 11 am until 2 pm. Please swing by! You never know; you might meet your new friend! See you there …

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Adoption Day – February 1

It seems like it might be a little warmer this weekend, so we will be having an adoption event on Saturday, February 1st from 11 am until 2pm at Pet Pub, (719 North Bedford Rd., Bedford Hills, NY, next to Panera Bread and CVS). Dogs slated to come are Snickers, Dolly, Beauregard, Nassau, Nevada, Nebraska, Lucie, and Lexi. The new pups are a little too young to come yet, but mama Misty might make an appearance for a little while.

Hope to see you there!

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Transport Update

Most of our new dogs have now been posted for adoption. They are too cute and unbelievably sweet! Keep checking back to see the rest as they are put up.

We are still in need of monetary donations (which are tax deductible!) and donations of Blue Buffalo Puppy Food because we have many puppies and very thin dogs in our care. Please email us if you would like to donate food and we will make arrangements with you.

Great News!

A New Chance is thrilled to announce that we received our 501c3 status, making all donations tax-deductible. For those who have been donating anyway, this is retroactive to our inception in December 2011.

Adoption Day January 11, 2014

A New Chance Rescue will be holding an adoption day in front of Weinstein’s Pharmacy in Katonah on January 11, 2014 between the hours of 11 am until 2 pm. Please swing by! You never know; you might meet your new friend! See you there …

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