Faith, a female, about 1 1/2 year’s old, is quite the wonderful girl! She arrived simply terrified of people and of the world and has been moving forward ever since. Her wonderful foster home has worked with her and introduced her to the universe that awaits her. Sweet Faith loves her canine foster sibling and seems to want to play, but given the siblings age and health, it is not really much of an option. However, she has been a guiding force for her, teaching her that the humans are A-OK. So, sweet Faith now likes to go on the couch or the bed to be pet or just relax. At first terrified in the car, she has learned to relax and enjoy the ride, especially those to the dog park where she seems to get a new boyfriend each time she’s there! In fact, Faith has asked us to adopt her to a home with another dog to help her adjust and to accompany her new leash walking ventures. She goes to work at an animal hospital and spends her days with her ‘sib,’ tucked under her foster’s desk in the main reception area, happy to be nearby.

As you can see, Faith has gotten off to a wonderful start with us. Now, she needs a home where her people can keep their Faith as she transitions to another change. She is very shy and takes time to trust, but her fear never leads her to growl, snarl or be aggressive. If you need a dog to settle in immediately, this is not the gal for you. Faith needs lots of repetition and thrives in this kind of environment as long as you can be patient. She is both house and wee-wee pad trained and sleeps quietly through the night in her crate. Oh yeah…and if given the opportunity, she will sneak plastic ware and chew on it, but who of us is perfect? This sweet girl makes up for it by allowing you to both brush and bathe her; we suspect that she knows how beautiful she is when she is clean and sparkly. If you want a girl who will love you forever, then have some faith, you’ve found the one for you.

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