Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Frankie is an adorable 30 lb Miniature Pinscher / German Shepard dog mix. He is perfectly proportioned and looks like a big dog who has been shrunk down to fit in your arms. This smart 7 month old guy knows “sit”, comes when called and loves to learn (he finds treats very persuasive!). With his little wrinkly forehead and cute eyebrows, this little character always looks like he’s concentrating.

Frankie is initially insecure with new people and finds the sudden movements of small children intimidating so he needs an adult home. He warms up quickly and is a total love bug- particularly in the mornings, when he likes to have a sleepy snuggle before he starts his day.

Frankie loves his walks and thrives on playtime with dogs; he is a very social boy (just not with cats, he’s not a cat person). Frankie is a fun-loving puppy- he has recently discovered the joys of fetch and loves to play with squeaky toys. He is a very nimble boy who has a great time zipping up and down agility ramps.

Frankie is a little guy with a big personality, and he will bring laughter and snuggles to a loving forever home.

Frankie gives paw!

Frankie retrieves!

Frankie (and friend’s) do the paw!