Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Frosty, known to his foster family as “Gray” or “Gray Wolf” due to his unique wolfish look, is breathtakingly handsome. Seriously, everyone is immediately enamored with this Alaskan Malamute/GSD/Norweigan Elkhound mix. Best of all, he is just as fluffy and delicious to touch as he looks! Born 11/24/17, this stunner is a silly guy and loves wrestling and playing with his canine foster siblings. He is happy to root around in his toy box for something to play with on his own too though. At the end of the day, Gray can often be found laying on the couch watching TV (he will even move himself if he doesn’t have a good enough view of the TV!).

Gray is crate trained, walks well on a leash, knows “crate”, “sit”, “paw”, and is almost completely house trained. His crate is his safe place when he’s unsure about something, and he will go in there until he musters up the confidence to investigate further, as he can be anxious about new things. Gray enjoys meeting new people and dog friends, and he will sidle up to his new human friends for a pet and very gently give both his human and dog friends his paw so they can hold his hand while they rub his chest/belly. He would prefer a home without young children and will be a big boy (70-100 lbs.) when he is fully grown, so he needs a house with space for a big dog.

Gray can often be found following his foster mom around the house or resting by her feet, and he’s in heaven when he is getting plenty of pets from his people. He really responds to the tone of voice used with him and loves being sweet talked by his humans. This is a very engaged boy who wants nothing more than to be part of someone’s family.