Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Frosty, known by his foster family as “Gray Wolf” or simply “Gray” for his handsome, wolfish look, (but no, he is not actually part wolf) is truly amazing! This stunning boy was born on 11/22/17 and has been raised in a loving foster home, so he’s very well socialized with humans and other dogs. True to his Alaskan Malamute/Norweigan Elkhound/GSD heritage, he’s a talkative boy and loves conversing with his people. Frosty is an extremely loving boy who always wants to know where his humans are and what they’re doing. He follows his foster mom around the house and loves laying at her feet or just checking in for a quick pet and a kiss. Cutest of all, he gets so excited when he is being pet or greets new friends that he does the most precious body wiggle of delight. Frosty plays wonderfully with the dogs in his foster home and is very submissive with other dogs, making him quite popular among his canine buddies because of his easygoing demeanor. He enjoys taking toys from his toy box to play with and throw around and will also take them to his bed or crate to lay with. This darling is very intelligent and eager to please and is crate trained, mostly house trained, knows “sit” and “crate”, walks well on the leash, and is working on his other basic commands. With his easygoing demeanor, this awesome guy wants nothing more than to please his people.

Frosty is a BIG boy and is expected to be between 70-100 lbs when fully grown. He is not suitable for apartment living and would like a home with a large yard to play in. Please do not complete an application or inquire about him if you cannot provide this, as he is a young and active puppy.