Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Garfunkel is a 3-month old Shepherd/Boxer mix who is he looking for fun and feelin’ groovy! Currently at 15 lbs of deliciousness we estimate this nugget will be approximately 45-55 lbs when full grown.

Garfunkel is well crate-trained, loves to play fetch, and soaks up love like a sponge. With an adorable white stripe down his nose and freckled face, he is the most stunning mix of sweetness and puppy love. Just touching his soft puppy ears and rubbing his belly are enough to warm the heart of any pet lover.

Expect a whole lot of fun, mischief, and loyal companionship when you bring home Garfunkel. He’s the perfect mix of the very handsome boxer and the diligent shepherd.

So slow down, you move too fast, just make the morning last with fun and groovy Garfunkel!