Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Just like his namesake, our Kramer is definitely a bit of a doofus! This big, dopey guy has the quintessential puppy look down; the only thing missing from the equation is the small, puppy size because Kramer is big (and growing more each day!). A Lab/Pyrenees mix, we expect he will be over 70 lbs. when he’s fully grown, and we estimate his birthdate at the end of March. His white coat is deliciously soft, and he has the most striking markings.

Kramer loves following his canine buddies around to romp and wrestle hard. He doesn’t fully realize how big and strong he is, so a home without dogs under 15 lbs and young children would be best. This handsome guy loves his people and will seek out kisses and cuddles from them. Belly rubs are a favorite for Kramer, and he likes to sprawl on top of the air conditioning vent with his speckled belly open for petting. True to the old adage, this white guy tries hard to turn his body the color of his brown ear; he is magnetized by mud. Witnessing his joy as he frolics and gets dirty certainly makes the rinsing off after worthwhile.

Kramer is also a bit of a daydreamer, and this sweetheart enjoys laying in his baby pool and brushing up against the plants in his foster family’s yard. He is crate trained, almost fully house trained, and working on his leash training and basic commands. Kramer will charm everyone in his new home with his unique and very special personality!