Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Little Lanie certainly channels the confidence of her namesake, Elaine from Seinfeld! This adorable pup has the most precious scruffy, Terrier look with unexpectedly soft fur. Her dark eyes captivate everyone she meets and pull them right in to love on her. Although she looks like a Terrier mix, Lanie’s siblings appear to have some Lab, Pyrenees, and/or Shepherd in them. We estimate her birthdate at the end of March and think she will be around 50-65 lbs when fully grown.

An independent woman, Lanie can often be found adventuring on her own, whether inside or out in the yard. She likes to take things back from her yard adventures, such as a branch or forgotten dog toy, and bring them into her crate or onto a dog bed to munch on. It is rare that she’s not carrying something around in her mouth. Lanie enjoys the company of her humans and will sometimes forgo playtime with her canine buddies in favor of being near her humans or lounging with a toy in her mouth. This angel is just entering her peak teething stage and often needs to be redirected to a toy when she is chewing on something she should not be. She is a joy to watch splashing around in her baby pool to beat the heat.

Smart and inquisitive, Lanie does the most precious head cock when she’s spoken to. After playing hard, this sweetheart snoozes away with her adorable snore. She is crate trained, house trained if kept on a schedule, and working on her leash training and basic commands.  Lanie promises to keep her new family laughing as much as her namesake does!