Lola is a sweet, loving 9 month old Collie/Lab mix who weighs about 35 pounds.

Lola loves praise, receiving lots of pets and always checks in for some cuddles from her foster family.  Lola was a stray so she can be a little cautious at first but is getting more and more comfortable every day.  She is shy around new people and would do best with a family willing to help her adjust to new people slowly and with patience.  Since she will need understanding, patience and reassurance, Lola would do well in a home with older children. Lola gets along beautifully with her canine foster brother and is respectful of the cat in her foster home.  Lola is progressing well with her housetraining.

Lola has lots of energy and loves active play. She likes to run around the yard chasing toys and throwing them in the air. Water play is right up Lola’s alley.  She absolutely loves playing with a stream of water from a hose. She is inquisitive and will poke around looking for new items around her foster home that she then drags to her dog bed. She likes to ‘collect’ her treasures and sometimes hide them under cushions.

Lola is a gentle soul with a playful puppy side.  This little lady has lots and lots of love to give.

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