Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Handsome Lucky is a sweet 2 year old Black Lab/Shepherd mix who is gentle, playful and loves to snuggle.

This quiet and initially shy guy will reward you with kisses when you scratch his chest and behind his ears. At bedtime, he likes to pick up his blanket and sometimes he even tucks himself in (see video).  He has a silly side, and loves to play fetch or bounce and roll around, often collecting his toys and bringing them to his bed. Lucky loves playtime, but the sudden movements of small children startle him so he will be happiest in an adult home or a home with older children. Until he was rescued, he had not spent any time on a leash, so he is working on his leash manners with his loving foster family.

Lucky is an extremely popular guy with other dogs because of his sweet nature and nice way of playing, and he has also been respectful with the cats he has met. Lucky is a great combination of sweet, silly and snuggly, and will bring joy to a lucky forever home.

Lucky getting cozy

Lucky toy and bed