Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Madden, an 8 lb. Dachshund/Lab mix born on 09/08/18, is truly a very special puppy. She’s perfect runway material with her long legs, but she can’t quite get the walking in heels thing down yet. This angel was born with a condition that affects her balance and coordination. As a result, her head bobs a little and she’s a bit unsteady and off balance. Despite this, Madden is the sweetest puppy and loves cuddling with her humans and sleeping on their laps. She plays, wrestles with her siblings, and drags her toys around with vigor. With the most delicious little underbite, big green eyes, and a stunning chocolate coat, this girl is absolutely gorgeous! A smart pup, she picks things up quickly and learns a lot about how to move better by watching her siblings and the other dogs in her foster home.

She was born in a foster home so she has been in a loving environment, is used to living in a house, and is very well socialized. When she is tuckered out, Madden likes to curl up on her fleece blanket for a snooze. She is crate and house trained (if kept on a schedule) and sleeps well through the night. This sweetheart will show you each and every day how to make the most out of life, with a curly tail that is always wagging.

Her foster family’s secret wish is for someone special to adopt Madden with her momma, Macy, but it’s not something that is necessary for her well being.

Madden puppy fun!