Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Handsome Nemo is a big, beautiful, affectionate 72 lb 1 year old Flat-Coated Retrieved / Leonberger mix. He has a beautiful soft coat with brindle coloring and the classic black Leonberger face mask. This boy is a happy goofball who is thrilled to be getting regular meals and all the love (and treats!) his foster mom can shower on him

Nemo spent the beginning of his life neglected and chained in a yard without proper nutrition, so he arrived quite underweight and is expected to grow to be between 85-105 lbs. He didn’t have a chance to be carefree in his sad life before, so he is making up for lost time by having a joyful late puppyhood now! He loves to run and play and has a fondness for chewing on slippers and any other fun things he can find. Everything is new to him, and he is quite satisfied when the slipper is replaced with an appropriate chewy toy. Nemo learned housetraining quickly, and is very eager to please. He loves his walks, and definitely enjoys being active!

Nemo is a bit too interested in cats so will need a cat free home. He has been gentle and sweet with the dog-savvy children he has met so far, but has not met any young children yet. Nemo is just beginning to learn his basics (come, sit, paw), and with structure and positive reinforcement, he will be a wonderful, loving companion. We look forward to “Finding Nemo” a forever home who will give this gentle giant all the love he deserves.