Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Unlike his Seinfeld namesake, our sweet Newman is far from evil! Although he is highly intelligent, he is certainly not cunning and is more than happy to put his brain to good use. This guy will excel at obedience school. With his precious, silky white coat and his heartbreaker eyes, this swoon-worthy guy certainly turns heads! With the most adorable little yowl, Newman politely lets his foster family and dog friends know when he’s excited.

Newman is crate trained, almost completely house trained, comes when called, and is working on his leash training and basic commands. He loves romping in the yard with his dog friends and his people, and he has the most preciously uncoordinated puppy romp. Newman can usually be found running around with one or both of his ears flipped up on top of his head (he thinks he’s more aerodynamic that way!) He has also recently discovered that he enjoys “surfing” (coasting around his foster family’s pool on a boogie board).

Newman takes corrections from the adult dogs in his foster home well, but he can play rough so he needs a home without dogs under 15 lbs. This adventurous Pyrenees/Labrador mix enjoys exploring the yard in his foster home and leading his puppy friends around. Once he is tuckered out, he loves to crash on top of the air conditioning vent for a well deserved nap. We are estimating his birthdate around the end of February and anticipate he will be 60-75 lbs when fully grown. Since he is a mouthy puppy, he would do best in a home without young children. We have no doubt this charming boy will worm his way right into your heart!