Oliver-A. Pending

Oliver, an 82 lb, 3 year old, male Shepherd mix is really special. This quiet, and very sweet guy, has warmed up to his foster family and is so excited when they come home. He loves going for car rides and walks and walks well on the leash. Oliver hasn’t had an easy life and is slow to trust others, seemingly expecting to be hit or have something bad happen to him. Yet, he has attached to his foster (even though he is still not always sure that they will treat him with kindness) and loves being pet and snuggled. His tendency to be shy and skittish has diminished, but like Eyore of Winnie the Pooh, he does expect the bad. Seeing him wag his tail and trust people more is so very exciting. Oliver is gentle in manner, even when taking food from your hands. He responds to his name and since he loves to please, he comes right over when you call him. Oliver plays with his canine foster sibling, but is not the guy who greets every dog ready to play. This sweet boy is crate and house trained, doesn’t counter surf, is slow moving, and stands to be a very loving family member.

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