Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


“Oliver, an absolutely gorgeous and very big, lumbering Golden/Great Pyrenees mix puppy came to us as a real sweetheart for sure, but definitely needing socialization. Gentle and sweet, he got along with everyone. As he settled into his foster home, however, he also learned how to play and enjoy life, especially as he was loved by his people and shown the ropes from the other dogs in his foster home. Crate trained, mostly housebroken, walking well on the leash, and learning sit and come, this authentically great guy, who had a rough start in life, needed and deserved a stable home. And lucky for him, he was given it by a wonderful and very loving family with two teenage boys (and a dog) who were all instantly in love. Oliver is now living in enduring bliss, knowing that his memories of happiness are forever. Thank you so much to Oliver’s family for giving him “a new chance.””