Onyx has the most quintessential puppy face!  Don’t be fooled by his cuteness though because this guy romps with the best of them.  Because Onyx is such an active puppy, he is not suited for apartment or condo living.  This fella needs a single family home and fenced in yard to get all that energy out and would love a canine companion.  His little play bow is precious to watch as he jumps and goofs around with his siblings and the adult dogs in his foster home.  This is an active pup, who is always ready for action but is so smitten with his foster mom.  At 17 weeks old, Onyx is adorable when he follows his foster mom around the yard like a little duckling before getting some snuggle time.  He is always the first of his siblings to come for cuddles with his people and is usually also the last to go and rejoin his friends to continue playing.  Boy, does this guy give the most delicious hugs!!  He is very much a puppy in personality and can sometimes be nippy when he plays, so a home without young kids is best.  Onyx is smart and obedient and follows clear direction well.  He will excel in a home that knows dogs because he follows the lead of his foster mom very well.  Onyx is housebroken if kept on a schedule and has begun work on his other basic obedience.  This handsome boy will certainly turn heads wherever he goes with his stunning looks and his preciously playful personality!

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