Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Prue is an easy-going 1-2 year-old Australian shepherd mix who loves to play! With an adorable white stripe down her nose and pointy ears, she is the epitome of cuteness. At 35 pounds she is fully grown but is still discovering the world from a puppy’s perspective.

Prue loves her walks and lets you know she is right next to you with nose touches to your leg. She is housebroken and heels well on the leash. Prue is a bit shy at first, and looks for the guidance of people and other dogs. She isn’t particularly interested in cats, and has been very polite to (and maybe a little intimidated by) the cat in her foster home. Prue enjoys playing with her canine foster siblings, and isn’t afraid to let those bigger dogs know she’s not a total pushover.

This formerly homeless gal is learning what a home is, and is occasionally startled by new sounds like the garage door opening. With a little reassurance she moves on, and her confidence is growing every day.

Prue’s latest joyful discovery is SNOW! As you can see in the video below, she is truly in her element dashing around playing in it. Prue is now looking for a loving forever home to introduce her to all the other fun things this new safer world has to offer.

Funny Prue

Preppy Prue