Ruby has all the uniqueness of the most stunning gemstone!  At 11 weeks old, this vivacious girl is a real hoot and enjoys life to the fullest.  Ruby can often be found splashing around in her baby pool (or even her water bowl), blowing bubbles in the water, digging in it with her front legs, play bowing and rolling around in it, and inviting her other siblings to play.  There is never a dull moment with this girl because she is so full of personality.  With her fuzzy coat that is full of red highlights to her Shepherd ears that can’t decide whether they want to be up or down (currently one is up and one is down), this girl has the looks to match her personality.  Ruby enjoys playing with her siblings and the adult dogs in her foster home and is always up for an adventure.  She is very contacted to her people and like to sit and look her foster parents in the eye, often tipping her little head back so she can nose your face and sending both of her adorable ears into a standing position.  Ruby really will bring so much laughter to the lives of her new family.

Ruby Playing with Friend

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