Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


**Adoption pending!! ** Sweet, smart Siri is a petite 6 month old 25 lb shepherd mix with “ears for years”, gorgeous markings and the softest disposition. Siri has the look of a shepherd with the ears of a corgi in a perfect little fox-sized package. Her adoring foster mom describes her as having the sweetness of a lamb, and says if Siri was an actress her stage name would be “Foxy Lamb-Shepherd.”

This clever little girl has a strong herding instinct. She makes great eye contact, and on walks with her foster family she makes sure everyone is together, and will wait and circle back if one of them lags behind.

Siri instantly charms everyone she meets; she is kind and friendly with children, dogs and even the cats she has met. With her combination of sweetness and smarts, Siri will be happy in a home who will give her tons of love and also give her stimulation so she can use her working dog brain.