Sugar is just as sweet as her name suggests!  This precious 2 year old, 58 lb. Black Lab mix never lets you forget how much she loves you.  Sugar loves cuddling and giving kisses, and she is especially precious in the morning when she comes into the bed with plenty of good morning kisses.  When she’s excited, she does the most adorable happy dance, complete with full body wiggling and the most precious little happy noises. Whether you have been gone for 5 minutes or two days, she always gives her people the most darling welcome; this welcome is also given to visitors whom Sugar may have only met a few times.  This sweetheart is hilarious to watch when she plays with her canine buddies, romping and playing in the yard before settling down to cuddle with them; she is precious in the way that she rolls around with, kisses, and cuddles her canine foster siblings.  She even gently strokes their faces with her paws (does it get any cuter?!).  Sugar was a wonderful mother to her 10 puppies, who have all been adopted, and she has a very nurturing quality to her.  She can often be found jogging around the yard swinging a toy for her foster siblings to chase and play with her.

Her foster family has fostered many dogs over the years, and they must admit that Sugar has wormed her way deep into their hearts, but they can’t wait to see her in a loving forever home.  Sugar entertains herself well with her toys too and enjoys tossing them around and chasing after them by herself.  Be careful with your shoes though because she sometimes mistakes them for her toys.  Very food motivated and eager to please, she is easy to train and picks things up quite quickly.  Sugar is house trained, walks well on the leash, sleeps through the night like an angel, knows “sit” and “down”, and responds to “go to bed” and “get your (insert toy name here)”.   She plays hard during the day, and after dinner she is more than ready to crash and will sleep soundly until it’s time to go outside before bed.  This cutie then comes inside and jogs up the stairs to settle in her bed for the night – just delicious!

Sugar had some fears to work through when she arrived to her foster home, but her foster family has been working hard to acclimate her to the things that used to scare her; they will give her new family all of the tools to continue her training, and working with her is so rewarding.  She would be best in a home without children because she used to mouth a little when excited, although she has now been working hard on this too. This awesome girl steals the hearts of everyone who meets her, and we have no doubt she will steal yours too!




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