Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Tucker is an absolutely stunning, large, 9 month old Newfie/Border Collie mix. This fluffy and soft guy is always full of happiness, romping around with his adorable, white tipped tail high in the air. He enjoys playing with the other dogs in his foster home and his many toys and especially likes trying to take branches and sticks into the house to add to his toy collection. He loves to toss his toys around, pouncing on, and rolling around with them.

Truly a joy to watch, Tucker flits from one fun activity to the next, enjoying every moment! True to his possible Newfie heritage, this guy does believe it is his duty to wipe his wet face on you, and it’s hard to be upset when he looks at you with those darling eyes and asks to be pet. Tucker is house and crate trained, walks well on a leash, and sleeps through the night. This guy would love to bring his positive energy to the lucky home that adopts him!

As sweet as he is, Tucker is a big, eager puppy and does not realize his size or strength, so he is not suitable for a home with young children or very small animals. He needs a home with a fenced yard and another young dog to play with. Please note: Tucker has been diagnosed with shoulder OCD in his left shoulder, which he is having surgery for, and hip dysplasia in both of his rear legs. He would do best in a home that has experience with medical management of orthopedic issues in large breed dogs.