Tyson, a 2 year old, 12 lb., terrier mix is truly a great dog. He is house trained, a silent sleeper, and able to be left out of the crate without doing anything wrong. Tyson is also a forward moving work in progress. At first he was so afraid of cars he wouldn’t walk past them or get in them; walking on leash he would dart crazily, try to dive into bushes and hog tie his foster in attempts to get away from moving vehicles. After just a couple of weeks, he is still not a fan, but it is much, much easier to walk on sidewalks and get him in the car.

In the woods Tyson does well. He is king of the dog park; owning the area and befriending every dog in his path (even as his foster cautions the humans of his stereotypical ‘little dog’ attitude…strong opinions and fiercely approaching anyone walking by). Once he decides he likes you, Tyson loves HARD. He is not one that you can really hug or mush your face into, but he loves to lie next to you and allowing you to pet him while you cuddle. All in all, this sweet guy just needs someone with patience and he would be an incredible addition.


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