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Misty, a 2 year old, 70 lb. Flat Coated Retriever/Irish Setter mix is a wonderful girl. Brought to the shelter with her thirteen 3-4 week old babies when the temperatures in S. Carolina became frigid, this very thin and tired mama had done an amazing job caring for her puppies. This sweetheart is a spectacular dog who is smart, playful, lovable and loving. Beautiful to look at with soulful eyes and a black coat with red undertones, Misty is a unique gal. She snuggles, gives tiny licks to those she really likes, is gentle with children, walks well on the leash, and is completely housebroken. This one of a kind quiet and irresistible angel is a fabulous companion, whether she’s sitting at your feet chewing a bone, (though she cannot do this all day long) or going out with you. Misty enjoys mental stimulation, playtime outside, and with the other dogs in her foster home, but tends to like who she does and not who she doesn’t. She is also incredibly agile so be warned: she can jump a 4 foot fence if she’s bored. She is a little too interested in cats and would probably not be the best match for a home with one. But…if you want to lavish and be lavished with sweetness, then this is the dog for you.