A New Chance Animal Rescue
A New Chance Animal Rescue Changing lives... One tail at a time


Mocha, a very loving, sweet and cuddly 17 lb., one year old, Canaan/Rat Terrier mix is a real delight. She is incredibly fast and would love to be someone’s jogging partner.  She is very playful and enjoys her toys, especially retrieving the tennis ball (which is just so cute to watch). During her quieter moments, she loves to snuggle and will happily fall asleep in your arms, (or anywhere else on your body she happens to plop down…see picture …and it feels so good just to have her close. She is smart, attaches well, is loyal to her people, and responsive to instruction. Happy to get her exercise by taking long hikes with you or by playing with other dogs, at home or in the park. Mocha can live with or without other pets. This very special little girl just wants to settle down in her new home and know that she has someone who is really hers forever. If you can bring this love and stability to her life, she will pay you back with lifelong devotion.

Click here to watch a video of Mocha.