Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Miss Buttercup is a 5-6 month-old lab/ hound mix who is one of our Hurricane Florence rescues. She and her three siblings were in an unsafe situation in the south, and are now here looking for their forever homes. At just over 25 lbs, Buttercup is a little bit bigger than her siblings. She is a lovely caramel and white color, and has a cute little wrinkly forehead which gives her an adorably concerned expression. Buttercup is a bit underweight at the moment, and her foster mom is working on that with good food and TLC. We expect her to be about 40 to 50 pounds when she is fully grown.

Buttercup is a tiny bit shy but settled right in with the dogs and people at her foster home. She has a lovely disposition- very gentle with people of all ages and sweet, friendly and on the submissive side with other dogs.

She is crate trained, and chooses to find her spot there when she is in need of a nap. Buttercup quickly learned to sit, and has very nice leash manners. She doesn’t yet know how to play with toys, so we look forward to this sweet girl discovering how much fun life can be!

This gentle girl is great company, and will thrive with love and support in a caring forever home.