Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Buddy, a 4 year old Collie mix is just a really mellow and sweet guy. Probably never having received a bath in his life, he came to us with a coat so matted that he needed a significant haircut to get them out.


Barney is a sweet, lovable, 1 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd/St. Bernard mix who enjoys cuddling and will always roll over for a tummy rub.  


Baxter, a 4 month old Lab mix puppy was gentle, sweet, and just like a baby. He plays, he gets into mischief, he likes to be held and cradled or curl up into a ball for a nap.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter, a 7 month old, 45 lb., Great Dane/Yellow Lab mix is a real goofball. With his long and lanky legs, he is adorably puppy awkward as he figures out how to coordinate his movements.


Arizona, an 11-12 week old 21 lb. floppy-eared Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner mix, found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico, was a real delight.  


Annie, an 11-12 week old, 17 lb. Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner mix, found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico, was absolutely precious.


Bruno, the cutest little 10 month old, 15 lb. white and caramel Havanese/Shih Tzu mix was an absolute dream.


Barley, a beautifully precious 60 lb. 3-4 year old yellow Lab mix is the sweetest boy, who we think would secretly just love to lay in front of the fireplace with his favorite human companions.


Cassie, an 8 month old, 30-35 lb. female Great Pyrenees/Aussie mix is an absolute stunner with a light cream, long haired coat and dark beautiful eyes, but her beauty goes far beneath the surface.


Apollo was a little 10-11 week old 14 lb. Black Lab mix found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico who is a real sweetie.


Angel, a little, 10-11 week old, 14 lb., Black Lab mix found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico was as cute as they come.


Casey, an 8 months old, male, 30-35 lb. Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. is one of the handsomest dogs we’ve ever seen. Snow white, with gorgeous, dark eyes he is simply an all around great guy.


Scooby, an 8 -10 month old, 63 lb. American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix is an absolutely precious, mushy boy with the most captivating gray eyes.


Monkey, a 9 month old, 12 lb., Papillon mix is about as adorable as they come. Named to reflect his ability to climb, it’s never a problem because he only does so to come to his people and there’s never a reason you don’t want him there.


Sophie, a 35 lb., one year old German Shepherd/Spaniel mix asks every dog she meets to play and every lap she sees if she can crawl in. This amazing angel is simply a delight who everyone falls in love with.


Ajay, a 10-11 week old 15 lb. Black Lab mix, found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico is a real gem. She is very affectionate and loves to sit in your lap and watch what’s going on.


Turner, with his beautiful and unique blonde coat, cream face, and tan markings on his back, was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico. At a healthy 27 lbs. and 5 months old, he is a happy and lovingly inquisitive guy who enjoys checking out the action and playing with the other dogs.


Jamie, a 3 year old, 20 lb. female Glen of Imaal Terrier/ mix is a happy gal who always has a wagging tail. With beautiful red highlights in her black coat, Jamie is a great mix of snuggling and curling up next to you for a good belly rub.


Tanner, about 3 months old, and 22 lbs., was rescued in Puerto Rico and flown here for adoption, with his brothers and sister. With his adorable ears, incredibly gorgeous green eyes and little pink nose, this angel is initially a bit shy in new situations, but quickly warms up and eagerly crawls into your lap for loving.


Laila, with her silky, chestnut coat and white “socks” on all four legs, is a 22 lb. tender treasure, rescued in Puerto Rico and flown here for adoption with her brothers, now that she is 3 months old.


Alexa, a 10-11 week old, 16 lb. Chocolate Lab mix, found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico, is absolutely precious. With her beautiful green eyes, floppy ears, and very large feet she is just so cute romping around.


Buddy, is a 45 lb., 1 1/2 year old, possibly Lab/Beagle/Pointer mix, a true mutt.


Gracie, a 3-4 year old, 9 lb., papillon/long haired doxie mix is a real cutie. A little shy at first, she warms up quickly and is really sweet and affectionate, enthusiastically greeting you by wiggling and twirling around until you pick her up.


Mocha, a very loving, sweet and cuddly 17 lb., one year old, Canaan/Rat Terrier mix is a real delight. She is incredibly fast and would love to be someone’s jogging partner.


Lacey, all white, except her face with the most beautiful black markings on her head, is an absolutely darling 14 week old lab/border collie mix. She is very sweet and very affectionate. She loves to snuggle and be held, nuzzling right into you when picked up.


Lady is a 2 years old and a 50 lb. Chocolate Lab mix who just loves riding in the car. She was very lucky to be rescued from N. Carolina where I was found starving with my four 3 week old puppies.


Melvin a 4 year old, 18 lb. Cocker Spaniel mix is a really handsome guy with a calm and generally sunny demeanor.


Ruby, very noble looking in stature, absolutely gorgeous and sweet, is a 5-6 month old, 35 lb. German Shepherd mix. She is simply wonderful. Shy at first, but outgoing once she knows you this girl is pretty laid back.


Louis, the biggest honey of his litter of puppies, is a white and black 10 week old lab/border collie mix with the cutest little freckles on his nose. He loves being in your arms and just looks up at you with his amazing and captivating eyes that melt your heart.


Leo, a fawn colored, darlingly cute 10 week old lab/border collie mix was the runt of the litter who came significantly smaller than the others, but who is now beginning to catch up. He is a feisty little guy and has no trouble keeping up with his siblings despite their larger size.


Taz, the cutest, 2 year old, 7-8 lb. Brussels Griffon/Norfolk Terrier mix just loves to settle into your arms where he nestles in for loving. He is a bouncy, (not hyper), affectionate, happy doll who likes everyone he meets.


Dixie, a very sweet 4 year old, 35-40 lb. Papillon/Sheltie mix is a quiet, sweet and gentle girl.


Charlie, an absolutely gorgeous 1-2 year old, 20 lb. Cocker/Cavalier mix is a real doll.


Mattie, a 4 year old, 55 lb. Collie mix was left behind, tied up outside, when her family moved.

Abby Rose

Abby Rose, a 10-14 month old, 45 lb. tan and black Border Terrier/Aussie Mix, is nicknamed “wiggle butt” because she is always wagging her tiny tail. She is so sweet, friendly and cuddly, and she absolutely loves to snuggle.


Sampson is a precious 1-2 year old 11-12 lb male Pomeranian mix.

Little Lennie


Mandy, about 4 years old and 6 lb. is a real pocket pooch. A Japanese Chin mix who is quite the delight with her funny antics and the curious places she sometimes finds to sleep, Mandy is stunningly adorable.


Lane, a male, 12 lb., Westie/Cairn terrier mix, about 2-3 years old is a real angel.  



From the day she came, Jazzy has been sweet, sweet, sweet and by the time she was adopted at 5 months and 33 lbs., this precious Collie/Shepherd mix was a dream come true, perfection at it’s best.


Oliver, an absolutely gorgeous and very big, lumbering Golden/Great Pyrenees mix puppy came to us as a real sweetheart for sure, but definitely needing socialization.


Chuckles, who got his name from his hilarious personality and smiling face, is a 4 – 5 month old, 11 lb., rat terrier/doxie mix.


Jack, a 2 year old, Parson Terrier Mix is a real sweetheart.



Lily, about 40 lbs. is a 1-2 year old Irish Wolfhound mix.


Penelope, a beautiful Shepherd mix is an incredibly sweet and gentle 1 1/2 year old, medium sized girl.


Bandit, a 7-8 month old, Collie/St. Bernard mix loves being outside. He is full of life, likes room to run and his definite preference is to be playing with people or other dogs.


Molly, an 8 lb., 1-2 year old Beagle/Chi mix is about as sweet as they come.


Cleo, a 6 month old, Aussie/Irish Setter mix is absolutely gorgeous. Her coat, really soft, is brown and black brindle with red highlights and her personality matches her good looks. At about 25 lbs. she loves everyone and everything.


Kyla, a 10-12 month Basenji mix with incredible eyes, is a great girl.


Juliette, an 8 month old, Coonhound mix likes to grab your hand as you walk by so that you’ll give her some loving. With a beautiful face and a great disposition, she is playful and friendly.


Moses, a 2 year old, 19 lb., Min Pin/Doxie mix, is a real hoot. Pet him and he just leans into you, sometimes falling asleep as you pet him.


Max, an awesomely unique and beautiful Belgian Tervuren mix is 45 lbs. and about 1 1/2 years old.


Navy, an absolutely gorgeous, soft and fuzzy, adorable 5 month old, male Aussie mix is, to put it simply, just a fabulous puppy.


Bandit, a 7 month old male Schnauzer mix is goofy, playful, friendly and a guy who is always enthusiastic.


Montana, about 10 months old and a Vizsla mix is an amazing beauty, both inside and out. She is warm and affectionate to every person and every dog who has come to her foster home and seems to be smiling all of the time.


Gabby is an absolutely stunning 1 ½ year old Aussie mix who, with the most unique coloring and markings, certainly turns heads.


Prince, a 3-4 year old, male Schnauzer mix is a really handsome guy, when he gets decked out. He walks with a prance that is just adorable and is a pretty easygoing guy. He is a respectful, lower energy dog and could live in an apartment.


Charlie, at 1 – 2 years old is a stunningly beautiful Golden Retriever who was a “stray” at a high kill shelter in N. Carolina on the list to be euthanized on Dec. 24, 2012.


Sweet Maggie, the cutest 11/2 – 2 year old Papillon/Corgi mix, soft, fluffy and yummy, was brought to the Shelter as a stray, though it seemed that it was her owner surrendering her.


Amelia, an incredibly unique and exotic looking, 10 month old Wire-haired Pointing Griffon mix has had an amazing journey.


Fletch, also known as “Belly,” because of his love for belly rubs is an absolutely darling, male terrier mix who came here when he was about 8 months old.


Sam a 2 year old gorgeous Shepherd/Golden mix, with long blonde fur is absolutely stunning and has a personality to match. After being abandoned, he came up on our Jan. 15, 2012 transport and we were struggling to find him a foster home. As we were unloading the dogs, one of our volunteers thought of friends who might be a good match to foster him. Incredibly kind as they are, early on that Sun. morning, they got out of bed more…


Princess, at approximately 8 years old, came to us with eyes that she could barely open, (due to an ulcer and dryness), low protein and creatine levels, a growth in her bladder, an allergy to wheat and then a cold and cough. She was tired and sad and not well. Yet, from the beginning, this little 5 lb. doll was sweet as can be and everyone who met her fell in love. Well, week to week Princess’s health improved until more…


Ace is a very sweet 1 year old Beagle/Basset mix who just loves to be with his people. When not doing this, you can also find him playing with toys or other dogs.


Ice, a gorgeous, 4 year old, Australian Shepherd/Alaskan Husky mix is a dream come true. Not only is he amazing looking with his beautiful blue eyes, but this love also knows his basic commands, responds immediately and waits for the next.


Darrell, 6-8 months old, and an absolutely gorgeous male Spaniel mix, is incredibly agile, loves to romp, play tug of war, and even fetch. He enjoys playing with his toys and the other dogs in his foster home and with his perfect posing for pictures, definitely fancies himself a model.