Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Luna, a beautiful and very sweet, heart tugging 8 month -1 year old, 41 lb., yellow Lab mix from Puerto Rico is a real love.


McKenna is a 7 1/2 month old, red and white, 35 lb. female, Smooth Collie mix who is simply a delight. She is friendly to all visitors and plays with every dog she meets and even though she also loves playing with her toys, she is very good about sharing them with others.


Humphrey, is a perky, adorable 17 lb., 6-8 year old white Bichon/Poodle mix who is about as sweet as they come.


Kyle, a 24 lb., 7 month old, male Aussie/Mudi mix has the most incredible black merle coat we’ve yet to see. This guy is a gentle love who wraps his paws around your arms and leans into you while you rub his ears.


Baxter is a one year old, 55 – 60 lb. male red Belgian Malinois/Boxer mix who is a very sweet and gentle guy.


Tigger, a 2 1/2 year old, 48 lb. Cannaan/Shepherd mix is absolutely incredible to look at with his unique tiger stripes. He is a very cuddly, very playful and very loyal guy.


Zeus, an awesome 8 month old, 12 lb., Cairn Terrier mix is an absolute love. He makes himself comfortably right at home wherever he goes, (in the good ways). He is relaxed and has a wonderful easygoing disposition.


Kaile is a very sweet, 19 lb., 7 month old black Aussie/Mudi mix. She has the cutest ears and the most expressive eyes. Delicate, but not a small dog, she is a gentle soul who loves other dogs and people too.


Scarlett is a beautiful red and white, 1 year old, 35 lb. Sheltie mix who is sweet, affectionate and very comfortable in her skin. Scarlett loves all people, especially when they are loving her up and she is not shy about asking for that.


Jackson, an 11 week old, 7 lb., Lhasa Apso/Wheaton mix was a silky soft, chestnut, slate and tan bundle of fluff. He’s was a happy guy who loves when you roll the tennis ball for him, will chase it and even bring it back, though he hasn’t yet mastered dropping it for you.


Homer, an 11 – 12 lb. , 12 week old smooth coated Spaniel mix was a very friend guy, whether it’s with people or other dogs. He is bold, eager to check things out, but also quietly goes off for a nap when tired.


Onix, a beautiful black and cream colored, 7 month old, 25 lb. male Finnish Lapphund mix from Puerto Rico was about as happy as a dog comes. This young fella is easy going, loves playing with other dogs of all sizes and breeds as well as crawling into your lap for the dearest and most loving snuggles.


Dora, a 25 lb., 6 month old, female, Carolina Dog/Hound mix is an absolute delight. Adaptable, friendly, and comfortable in herself she enjoys playing with other dogs or playing with and meeting people.


Teddy was an 11-12 month old Basenji/Border Collie mix weighing about 35 lbs. who is uniquely handsome with a soft coat which he loves getting pet. Teddy is goofy and playful and gets along with other dogs who like some rough and tumble play and wrestling.



Mia is a very sweet, 2 1/2 year old, black and white Terrier/Greyhound mix. She is a bit of a shy girl, but definitely loves her petting, belly rubs and treats. While this love definitely needs to loosen up and learn to relax and play, she is enjoying her long walks and cuddles and we are even beginning to catch glimpses of a little silliness.


Sonny is a 2-year old, stunning, and very sweet Golden Retriever/Collie Mix.


Juliette, a 11 week old, 6 lb. Lhasa Apso/Terrier mix was a scruffy and very soft (not wiry) tiny fireball who is fast on her feet, holds her own awesomely and is really funny to watch racing around. This little girl does everything with flair, whether she’s proudly showing you how she ran across the yard to get a toy or layer in dirt hole.


Jasper, an 11 week old 5 lb. Lhasa Apso/Wheaton mix is like having a teddy bear. With his short little legs, he tries to keep up with his 2 siblings who came from Puerto Rico with him, with the cutest butt wiggle that just makes you laugh. While slightly shy when being approached, (he drops down on all fours and gets as flat as he can), he still loves being held and snuggled and comes to you for loving dancing more…


Remi, a 16 week old, 19 lb., female tan Collie/Shepherd mix is a wonderful combination of sweet and mellow with active and playful. She is a gentle love who will sidle up to you to ask for some pets or present you with a kiss and is hilarious when she gets down low, wiggles her butt and worms her way up to you for lots of love and affection.


Harry, a 12 week old, 12 – 13 lb., soft and scruffy Spaniel mix is a tenderhearted and gentle guy. He loves tennis balls and other toys.


Houston, a 12 week old, 14-15 lb. smooth coated Spaniel mix is a simple delight. He loves romping in the grass or around the room, occasionally, (and adorably) tripping over his own feet.


A beautiful and soulful Sheltie mix pup who touched the hearts of so many who knew her …


Rayne, a 16 week old, 16-17 lb. dark brown and white female, Collie/Shepherd mix is the perfect playful and quiet combination; sometimes she’s in the mix of action, sometimes she hangs back to enjoy watching, and sometimes she’s happily doing her own thing, but at all times Rayne is just sweet as can be.


Radcliffe, a 16 week old, 19-20 lb. male black and white Collie/Shepherd mix has been a curious and enchanted guy since he was just 4 weeks old. He is a real sweetheart who is very social, cheerful and enthusiastic about new things.


Gus, a 5 month old, 9 lb. tan and cream Pekingese/Chi. mix is absolutely, darlingly adorable, especially with his cute little underbite. He is an active, spunky little guy who gets along with other dogs and who can stand up for himself if necessary, but also likes cuddling with his canine buddies and his people.


Brody, a 2 year old, 48 lb. English Setter/Spaniel mix, is absolutely stunning with his feathered, cream colored coat and tan spots. Sweet, friendly, playful and affectionate Brody loves being with people and is fabulous with all dogs with all personalities as well.


Henry is a 1 yr. old, 13 lb. Dachshund mix. When Henry came to us he was extremely emaciated and had almost no hair. He has recovered amazingly but you can read the rest of his heartwarming story here.


Leo, at 49 lb. and about 3 years old looks like a Collie/Shepherd mix implanted on Basset legs. He is so awesome looking that people stop his foster in the street to ask about him. This guy is very happy and wags his tail so much, we can’t figure out how he does it.


Georgie, a 19 week old, 16 lb., Australian Terrier mix is a very happy, agile and enthusiastic guy. With his cute curled tail, perky ears, and white muzzle, he looks absolutely precious when he just sits and looks at you or flops over for a belly rub as soon as you bend down to pet him.


Ramsey, a 9 week old, male, brown with a white muzzle and adorable white boots on all four legs is a Collie/Shepherd mix. He is very playful with his siblings, chasing and tugging on ropes. He also has a quieter, independent side and can play on his own.


Riley, a 9 week old, female black and tan Collie/Shepherd mix has an unparalleled zest for life. Active, curious and oh, so cute, she is the first to say hi and gives the best kisses.


Honey, about one year old, is a Corgi/Bassett Hound mix and a poster-dog for resiliency. She is a very happy, healthy and extremely affectionate dog — you would never know that she had been thrown out of a truck by her previous owner, but she will always have a visible scar under her neck where he neglected to remove her two choke collars for so long that they became embedded into her skin and had to be surgically removed.


Reuben, a 9 week old male chestnut Collie/Shepherd mix looks the most like his mama, Rosie. He is energetic, bold and playful and loves to catch his siblings by surprise and pounce on them. Like the others, Reuben is always happy for loving from his foster parents.


Ralphie, a 9 week old, male, tan with a black muzzle Collie/Shepherd mix is the intermediate of his siblings in terms of energy level. He is a good combination of bold and cautious when facing new things and can often be found playing tug of war with his siblings.


Raleigh, a 9 week old, male, fluffy black and tan Collie/Shepherd mix loves playing with his toys and siblings. First to wake up and last to go to sleep, he is gorgeous and sweet. Sure to let you know when he wants something, he looks into your eyes and you just melt.


Shadow, named for how he loves to follow, or shadow, his foster family around, is a 30 lb., 1 year old, Beagle/Border Collie mix. Shadow is absolutely adorable as he can cuddle up with you and love having his belly rubbed or enjoy running with a ball and flopping down or simply chewing on a squeaky toy.


Dorothy, a precious, 1 1/2 year old apricot Cairn Terrier mix is about as sweet as they come. She is loving, cuddly, and playful and gets along with everyone she meets, whether it’s a canine or a human. She loves following her foster sibling around as much as she loves rubbing up against her foster mom.


Rosie, a 1-2 year old, gorgeous Collie/Golden mix is a real love, with the beauty of the Collie and the friendly personality of a Golden. Just finishing up weaning her 8 puppies, this girl is ready to finally have some mothering herself, though she can’t help but gently and appropriately moderate the behavior of other pups in her foster home.


Elmo is a handsome 14 week old, Lab/ Border Collie mix, around 15 lbs. The only boy in his litter, he has unique markings that will sure make him a stunning adult! He is a very sweet, affectionate puppy.


Izzy, about 12 weeks old and 9 lb. has the beautiful markings of the Jack Russell breed, but none of the hype. This mellow, sweet and genteel looking girl certainly enjoys playing with her sister and her foster siblings, but settles down nicely for quiet time.


Eve is a gorgeous 14 week old Lab/ Border Collie mix, around 14 lbs. She has unique patches on her face and is just too adorable!! She has a great personality and is a great mix of being sweet, playful and affectionate too!


Emmilene, a 10 lb. Lab/Shepherd mix is such an unusual and beautiful little girl. She is stunning and very quiet. This independent girl prefers to lay by herself playing with her toys or her people than with her siblings.


Iris, a 12 week old, 10 lb. mix has a zest for life that can’t be beat. With a slim and tall frame, though a face similar to a Jack Russell, she is enthusiastic, but not hyper and enjoys playing with everyone of all sizes.


Bailey, about 1 1/2 years old, is a stunning 55 lb male Golden/ Basset mix. He is a great size, full of fun and affection in a relatively compact package.


Eleanor is a sweet 5 month old Lab/Border Collie mix, without the energy of either breed. At about 23 lbs. and with gorgeous brown highlights, she is friendly and gentle, getting along fabulously with any dog she meets.


Summer, a creamy colored, 6 month old, 20 lb. yellow Lab mix is about as sweet as they come. She loves riding in the car and is very mellow and serene with a smile on her face as she does.


Skeeter, 2 years old and around 20 lb. offers only the best of the Cocker breed. A beautiful cream color, she is sweet, gentle and very, very lovable. Skeeter is at her most hilarious when she crawls on the ground, reaches with her front paws and pulls her backside along, otherwise known as the “army crawl!”


Trixie, a 3 year old, 11 lb., pepper-colored Dandi Dinmont Terrier mix is a true dandy indeed! This girl is all personality — part comedian, part snuggly lapdog and part playful puppy.


Daisy is a really sweet 4-5 year old, 23-25 lb., Pekingese/Pug mix who was thrown from a truck (with Honey, also listed) just days before giving birth to her adorable pups. She was brought here immediately and delivered in foster care where she was with her pups and to whom she has been the best mom ever.


Delilah, an 8 week old, 8.5 lb. black brindle mix is a real angel and while she certainly loves her play, she can also frequently be found watching the action in front of her.


Dallas, an 8 week old, 8 lb. dark brindle mix uses her big beautiful eyes to stare sweetly into the eyes of her foster mom or watch what she’s doing and, if you talk to her, Dallas cocks her head to listen to you.


Drake is the nicest and sweetest, 8 week old, 8 lb. brown brindle mix with a tiny white stripe on his nose that just adds to his beautiful look.


Daphne, an 8 week old, 7.5 lb. gray brindle mix, had the cutest little underbite. With a beautiful dark face and a white “glove” on her left front paw, Daphne is always first with her feet up on the pen to say hi.


Delta, an 8 week old, 7.5 lb. dark brindle mix with bright beautiful eyes was a sweet and well behaved baby who you can frequently find embedded in a puppy pile, because she loves snuggling best of all.


Finn, with his lovely, rich, chocolate brown coat was the cutest little 9 1/2 week old Beagle/Irish Setter mix with the most gorgeous blue eyes that convey all of his warmth and love.


Frankie, with his two toned brown coat and his beautiful markings and gentle eyes, was an absolutely adorable 9 1/2 weeks old Beagle/Sheltie mix who has been in foster care since 9 days of age with his siblings (Finn and Faith) and his mama, (Foxxie).


Cookie is an adorable 3-4 month old lab/beagle mix puppy, given her name because she is so delicious! She loves to prance and play with her foster sisters, and everyone who sees her comments on how gorgeous she is. Her eyes are an unusual, beautiful shade of pewter, and her snow-white fur is only slightly interrupted by three circles the color of latte on her back, with the same soft hue on her ears and around her eyes and nose.


Darcy, an 8 week old, 7.5 lb, dark brown brindle mix is just a hilarious babe to watch playing. She loves to hang over the back of her bed playing with a sibling until she finally rolls over and out and then goes chasing someone around it.


DJ, a gorgeous 8 week old, 8 lb., orange and black brindle male is sweet as can be. He’s an active and very loving guy who enjoys playing, and who is always ready to snuggle into your arms to rest and feel close…very, very close.


Foxxie, a 2-3 year old, 30 lb. Irish Setter/Sheltie mix was delivered to the shelter in N. Carolina by her owners, just days away from giving birth.


Alice, an 4 month old 34 lb. Black Lab/Weimaraner mix, found in a box on the side of the road in Puerto Rico, is truly a gem.