Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Introducing the delicious Lacie! Lacie has been affectionately nicknamed cookies-n-cream by her foster Daddy.


Logan is a delicious 7 week old boy who can’t wait to find his furever home.


Little Louise is the smallest of her litter but she does not let her size slow her down.


Sweet Lucy is a 7 week old little girl who has already won over the hearts of all the members of her foster home.


Laila is an adorable 11 month old, 30 lb., Shiba Inu mix.


Flower is a stunning 3 year old, 55 lb., Golden Retriever mix with all the greatest traits of the breed.


Oreo is a precious 10 month old Cockapoo.


Nico is a 9 week old Golden Retriever mix who has melted the hearts of his foster family.


Ellie is an adorable 1-2 year old, 11 lb. Maltese mix. She is wonderful with cats, dogs, and kids and loves taking long walks.


Daphne is an adorable 2 year old, 10 lb., Sheltie mix.


Finn is an amazing 4.5 month old, 23 lb., Beagle mix puppy.

Boo Boo

Boo Boo is the cutest, scruffy Cairn Terrier mix.

Nik Nik

Nik Nik is a darling female, 2 year old, 10 lb., Cairn Terrier mix.


Sparky is an adorable 14 lb., 2-3 year old, Cairn Terrier mix.


Devon is a stunning 2 year old, 82 lb., Black Lab.


Pooh is a precious 9 month old, 36 lb., Dutch Shepherd mix.


Dream is a gorgeous 1.5 year old, 55 lb. Lab mix. True to her name, she is a dream!


Mae, a precious 11 month old Shiba Inu mix, is just darling.


Forrest is a VERY special young boy.


Flossie, a darling 1.5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, is just amazing.


Gracie, a 2 year old Basenji mix, is about as perfect as a dog can get.


Jesse, a 5 month old, male, Shepherd mix is awesomely beautiful and just as nice.


Janie, a 6 month old, female, Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is not only unusually beautiful with her blue eyes, she is also a real sweetheart.


Jet, a 5 month old, female, Flat Coated Retriever mix is absolutely stunning.


Finley is a gentle, friendly, black and red 1-2 year old, male, 50 lb Australian Shepherd mix.


Prince, a 1 year old American Eskimo Dog, is absolutely breathtaking.


Daisy, a 1 year old American Eskimo Dog, is an absolute darling.


Kingston, a male, 1 year old, Schnauzer/Havanese mix has had a rough start in life.


JoJo, a 6.5 month old, 30 lb., female Husky/Shepherd mix is absolutely stunning, with her cream coloring and one blue eye and one parti-eye, this girl is very unique in her look.


Dallas, a 10 month old, tall and lanky 35 lb. A Verein Deutsch Drahthaar mix, Dallas has the characteristic golden eyes of the breed, the adorable scruffy beard and the low or no shed coat.


Fresno, a delicious strawberry blonde little man, is the total package.


Guinness has the most quintessential puppy face there possibly is. He loves wrestling with his siblings but is content to play with his toys as well.


Gypsy, an adorably chunky puppy, is quite the adventurer.


Greeley, an adorable chocolate brown puppy, is the smallest of his litter.  This mellow guy is a good listener and loves looking up at his people when they talk to him.


Gregory is a precious pup with a cool grayish/tan blend to his coat. He has the funniest ears that seem to get a little higher every day.


Griffin, a handsome rust colored baby boy, has the best regal stance.


Godiva, affectionately called “Lady Godiva” by her foster mom, is a gorgeous girl.


Georgie, nicknamed “Curious George” by his foster mom, is everything you want in a puppy.


Francie, with her gorgeous rust colored coat, is absolutely adorable. This little darling loves giving kisses to her people and is always up for a cuddle.


Frankie, a stunning strawberry blonde baby girl, has achieved the coloring every woman wishes their hair was. She even has gorgeous green eyes to match!


Ginger, named because of her beautiful red coat, is hysterical and has the cutest curly tail.


Finnegan, though one of the smallest pups in his litter, has plenty of personality.


Fletch, a handsome pup with the beauty of a Shepherd mix, has the personality to match!


Felicia may have some of the greatest markings of any puppy we’ve ever seen; this cutie pie looks like she’s wearing 4 little white gloves!


Fannie has the regal beauty of her mother, with a gorgeous red coat and precious black muzzle.


Finley, though the runt of his litter, is a very healthy and happy little boy.


Frisco, a smart and engaged little pup, charms you immediately with his big ears that swivel around as he listens for direction from his people.


Whiskey, the cutest 30 lb. Chow mix, is a ball of fluff and snuggles. This silly 1 year old keeps her foster mom laughing with her antics and adores every person, dog, and cat she meets.


Delilah is a gorgeous 12.5 week old Spaniel mix, who was left orphaned when her mother was hit by a car and killed in rural SC. .


Halle, a female, 17 lb., 13 week old, Lab mix is simply a delight.


Harry, a male, 14 lb, 13 week old Lab mix will simply captivate you with his moving eyes.


Hailey is a 12 week old, 16 lb. chocolate lab mix who has all the beauty, brains, and reliability of a lab, but not the extra energy that you usually see.


Hershey- is as sweet as the chocolate treat for which he is named.


Harrison is a very handsome 14 week old yellow lab mix with golden eyes and a heart to match.


Harley loves to seek out lots of pets and snuggles. He has all the right moves to warm your heart.


Holden, a 20 lb, 12 week old male, black Lab mix is one very handsome boy with a sweet disposition.


Shadow, a 2 year old, 57 lb., Flat Coated Retriever mix is quite the adorable guy.


Dixie, a true Southern belle hailing from rural SC, is an adorable Spaniel mix.


Duke, a precious Spaniel mix, was left orphaned when his mother was hit by a car and killed in rural SC.


Dallas, though his name may suggest otherwise, was the smallest puppy in his litter.


Dolly, as her name suggests, is an ABSOLUTE doll.


Dustin, affectionately called “the baby of the family” by his foster mom, is a stunning Chocolate brown Lab/Spaniel mix.


Bailey is a sweet, but timid girl. A stunning Border Collie mix, this beauty is only 1.5 years old and was a wonderful mother to her 4 puppies.


Caesar, a 4 1/2-5 month old, 20 lb., male is the sibling to the other “C” pups on the web site.


Cleo, a 20-25 lb., 4.5-5 month old, female, Golden Retriever mix is a very happy girl.


Casey, a 25 lb., 5 month old, male Golden Retriever mix is an incredibly sweet and beautiful guy.


Chance is a 4-5 month old Yellow Lab/Beagle mix who is one unique looking young fella.


Looking for a loyal, furry buddy?? Well here he is!! Introducing Cody, a 4-5 month old Yellow Lab mix, who LOVES to run and play with is foster brothers and sister.


Louis, a handsome 4 year old male pure bred English Setter.


Brooklyn is a darling 10 week old Border Collie mix with all the spunk of the breed.


Smoke, a 1-2 year old Pyrenees/Shepherd mix is an absolute stunner who turns heads everywhere he goes.


Berkeley is a precious 15 week old Border Collie mix.


Bandit is a 10 week old Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix presently weighing in at approximately 10 lb..


Benji a 5 month old, male, Black Lab/Border Collie mix is just as sweet as sugar.


Jackson is a 2 year old, 38 lb., Hound mix with a very regal nature.  This perfect boy is good with dogs, cats, and young children.


Racer is a 2 year old, 10 lb. Papillon mix. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling on the couch.


Apollo is a 5-5.5 month old, 25 lb. Belgian Malinois/Chinook mix. This stunning boy is gentle, calm, and super sweet.


Charlotte, AKA Charlie, is a gorgeous Clumber Spaniel/Aussie mix. This great girl is house trained, walks well on a leash, and gets along with everyone (cats, dogs, and kids).


Muggsy is the cutest 9 month old, 65 lb., Boxer/Mastiff mix. This is a very special boy with the mellow demeanor of a Mastiff, even though he is still a puppy.


Marie is a dainty 5-5.5 month old Croatian Sheepdog/Schipperke mix.


Donny a male, 10 month old, almost 55 lb. Retriever mix is just about as sweet a guy as they come.


Callie is a stunning 38 lb., 2-3 year old Border Collie mix. She has the brains and beauty of a Border Collie without the energy level or prey drive of a herding dog.


Fin, an adorable 3 year old, 22 lb. Keeshond mix has the quintessential youthful look.


Max, a year old, 16 lb. adorable Terrier mix is a man who loves to give kisses. Friendly to everyone he meets, with an unmatchable zest for life, Max’s foster mom says he is the happiest dog she’s ever met.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, a male, 60 lb, 2 year old, absolutely gorgeous Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix is a real sweetheart.


Spud is a hilarious 25 lb., 4 year old (most likely purebred) Pekingese, with the signature Peke snort.  He is absolutely adorable, ready to do anything and everything with, or without, you.


Trooper is a stunning, 3 year old, 70 lb. purebred German Shepherd.


Riley, a 40 lb., 2 year old, male, Lab/Swiss Mountain Dog mix is a real cuddly bear.


Austin, affectionately termed “Freckles” by his foster mom because of his precious black freckles, is just darling.


Asher, a precious 14 week old Shepherd mix puppy, is not only stunning but super sweet.


Arizona is a amazing combination: fluffy, friendly, and smart. This girl knows how to be the center of attention and captivates with her beauty and personality.


Gibby a 55 lb., 1-2 year old Collie mix is an absolutely amazing guy and handsome too.


Addie, a 13 lb., 12 week old Shepherd mix began her life with many obstacles. Living under a porch with her litter mates, she was abandoned by her mother and was left to fend for herself living on whatever was laying around, often dead chickens.


Asia is your quintessential “rolly-polly”, inquisitive puppy sometimes exploring, prancing and running through the snow then rolling over or falling through the snow then getting right up.


Alvin, a 5 month old, 26 lb. Basenji/Shepherd mix is absolutely adorable.  This pup, who likes to snuggle and be close with his people, is both affectionate and playful.


Avery, a 14 lb., 11 week old male Belgian Malinois/Chinook mix has the most angelic face that you just can’t resist kissing.


Alex, an 11 week old Smooth Collie mix is a quintessential boy at heart; although he is still small, he thinks of himself as a big guy. With the cutest little face and ears that flop in different directions, this guy is a real sweetheart.


Comet, a tall 50 lb., 7-8 month old, male Great Dane/Dutch Shepherd mix is an absolutely stunning guy who is a total mush that loves to cuddle.


Ali, a 11 week old, female, … mix is so far beyond cute, that it’s indescribable. Smarter than her small size and young age lets on, this little girl learned her name in just a few days time.


Gizmo, a 2 year old, 18 lb., Shih Tzu/Wheaten Terrier mix is best described as plain goofy; his laughable antics will make your heart smile.


Leopold “Leo” is an absolutely stunning, 2 year old, 55 lb., Flat-Coated Retriever mix sweetheart!


Scooter, a 1-2 year old, 12 lb., Cairn Terrier mix is quite the love. This happy go lucky guy is very affectionate and loves licking you. He enjoys his people attention, even getting brushed and combed.


Twinkie, a 40 lb., 10 month old, Aussie mix, has all the charm and smarts of an Aussie without the working dog mentality.


Corey, a 1 1/2 – 2 year old, 40 lb. male Collie/Finnish Spitz mix is quite the awesome guy.


Fluffy, a 20 lb., 1 year old, female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Beagle mix, about a year old, is a sweet girl who began her time in foster care on the shy side.


Scout, a 2 year old, 24 lb., Beagle is absolutely darling. This boy was rescued from a hoarding situation, but you would never know he had such rough start in life because he is such an amazing dog.


Barley is a 2-3 year old, 16 lb. Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix who is as special as they come. This angel was living on a chain in rural WV until his owner agreed to surrender him.


Marcus, a male, 2 year old, 10-12 lb., Cairn Terrier/Yorkie mix is an absolutely adorable guy. With his cute scruffy look, Marcus is very sweet, loves being picked up and held, and gives the bounce to help you when you reach for him.


Marlee, a 5.5 month old, 20 lb. Dachshund/Lab mix is true puppy delight.


Tillie, born into foster care on 11/11/14 to a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix mother, is absolutely precious. With her slight underbite and stumpy tail that never stops wagging, this cutie loves to play.


Timmy, affectionately called Tiny Tim by his foster mom is anything but tiny!


Tallulah, the smallest of her litter born in foster care on 11/11/14 to a Corgi/Shiba Inu mix mother, is so uniquely beautiful with her black rimmed ears and subtle black markings on her face.


Tommy, born in foster care on 11/11/14 to a Corgi/Shiba Inu mother, is a real gem.


Polly, a 12 week old girl, is one of 15 pups born to a Duck Toller mama.  She is one of the smaller girls in her litter and is the absolute perfect combination of precious, playful puppy and cuddly sweetness. She enjoys playing with her siblings, but nothing is better than when she gets picked up and starts giving kisses.


Riley, a 9 week old French Bulldog/Basset mix is just the cutest little thing. Riley really loves playing with other dogs, but when tired she just snuggles up next to you.


Roxie, the sweetest little 14 week old French Bulldog/Basset mix is adorable. A little bit on the quieter side, she still likes playing with other dogs and cuddling into your lap when she is done.


Phoebe, a 16 week old pup, born to a Ducktoller mama is quite the fuzzy girl.


Patti an 18 week old girl, born to a beautiful duck tolling retriever, is quite the love.


Pierre, a 12 week old boy born to a Duck Toller mama, endearingly reminds us of a starving artist concerned with more than the realities of day to day life. He often has the look of a guy off in his own dreamy world.


Rushmore, a 14 week old French Bulldog/Basset mix is a happy brave little man, who is nothing but loving fun. He lights up the room and your mood with his playful energy.


Rose, a 14 week old French Bulldog/Basset mix is a loving, gentle girl, smart and fun fun fun. She will make any house a home with her incredible sweetness.


Guinness, a 55 lb., 9 month old Belgian Tervuren/Australian Shepherd mix is not only an awesomely beautiful guy, but a sweet one too.


Pippa, a 16 week old girl born to a Ducktoller mama is probably the sweetest of the gang of 15 siblings. This girl just loves being held and cuddled.


Jet, an absolutely adorable, 45 lb., 8 month old Boykin Spaniel/Flat-Coated Retriever mix is a real love.


Peyton, a 16 week old girl, is one of 15 pups born to a Ducktoller mama. She is an absolute stunner and has the cutest curly tail and fuzzy Spaniel ears.


Pepper, one of 15 pups born to a Duck Toller 12 weeks ago, is about as adorable as they come.


Pearl, an 8 week old, with a mama who is a Ducktoller Retriever, is so strikingly cute with her adorable markings.


Peaches, part of a litter of 15 pups born to a Ducktoller Retriever, is a brilliant little girl.


P!nk, born 12 weeks ago to a Duck Tolling Retriever, but looking more like a Jack Russell, (though bigger and WAY calmer) is just the cutest sweetheart.


Bagel, the sweetest little 30 lb., 9 month old, Beagle/Basset mix is one amazing guy.


Elisa, a 6 month old Sheltie/Shepherd mix weighs about 40 lbs. and has some growing to do yet. Brought into the shelter with her mama and sister, she had an embedded collar that had to be removed.


Jack, a 2-3 year old, 12 lb., Boston Terrier/Beagle mix is a little dog with a very big personality.


CJ, affectionately known by his foster family as Captain Jack, is a one year old 12 lb., male, Maltipoo who is not as mischievous as his namesake Captain Jack Sparrow, but definitely just as loved by all the women as Johnny Depp.


Rex is a very sweet, playful and cuddly 19 lb., 11 week old Lab mix puppy.  


Ringo, a 14 week old, brindle Basset/French Bulldog mix is just the biggest cuddle bug ever. He is a very, very playful guy who then loves to settle down and have his snuggle time. His foster mom says he is the perfect combination of playful and mellow.


Penny, a 3 year old, 30 lb., female Duck Toller/Sheltie mix was brought to the shelter with her 15 four week old puppies!


Ralph, a 7-8 year old, 12 lb., male Pomeranian is just an amazing little guy.


Lexi is a 4 year old, pure bred English Setter who is, as you can see, absolutely stunning.


Piper, a 48 lb , 2 year old, female Aussie/Icelandic Sheepdog mix is an absolutely gorgeous girl. Silky soft and fluffy, she has an incredible, and very striking, red and black coat that glistens in the sunlight.


Sally, a 1 1/2-2 year old, 55 lb. silky, female Carolina dog is a real gem. Sweet, lover of other dogs, friend to people of all ages, and an all around great companion, Sally knows how to enjoy life.


Nebraska, a 90 lb., 1 year old, Newfoundland mix is a stunningly beautiful, large, and absolutely endearing girl who gives absolutely everyone a chance, for she is simply a lover!