Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Queen Celine is absolutely darling! With her gentle eyes and scruffy but soft coat, she is as gorgeous as she is sweet. Celine is a 5 month old, 38 lb. Labradoodle mix. Given her current size, we anticipate she will be between 65-85 lbs when fully grown. Her foster family likes to call Celine and her gorgeous sister, Cher, The Divas. In true diva fashion, Celine takes great pride in her appearance. Unfortunately, her and her foster family have different images of what that appearance should be, and Celine’s image usually involves mud.

This silly girl likes to toss her toys in the air and pounce on them. She has a blast playing with the other dogs in her foster home and takes social cues from other dogs well. It is hard to think of a time when Celine’s tail is not going a mile a minute, with her adorable butt wiggling in joy. When you start petting her, she just melts and will often flop onto her back for a belly rub. Although she hasn’t been in her foster home for very long, Celine has done a great job of picking up the routine and is very food motivated. Her foster family thinks this might be the first time she has lived in a home, so she is still learning not to counter surf but is getting better each day.

Celine is still very much a puppy and is quite mouthy, so she is not suitable for a home with young children. This active girl needs a home that will physically and mentally stimulate her. Celine is learning to redirect to a toy when she is chewing on something she should not have. She is crate trained, comes when called, knows “sit”, is house trained if kept on a schedule, and is working on her leash training and other basic commands.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe Celine is a Labradoodle or of similar heritage, she is NOT hypoallergenic. Her coat requires regular maintenance, grooming, and trimming.