Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Cher is definitely a Goddess of Pop – she is very popular among the other dogs in her foster home and makes new friends very easily! This deliciously scruffy, 5 month old Labradoodle mix is a ball of fun! Her foster family likes to call Cher and her gorgeous sister, Celine, The Divas. At 35 lbs already, we believe Cher will be between 65-85 lbs when fully grown. Bold and adventurous, Cher loves exploring new things, especially if she has a canine buddy along for the journey. Unfortunately, these adventures often entail her dunking herself in any mud she can find in her foster family’s yard, but she is learning quickly that she is rewarded if she stands to have her feet wiped off.

Cher is intrigued and curious about her environment and likes to be where the action is. With a twinkle of mischief in her eye, this smart girl has a blast bounding and wrestling with her canine buddies. She is adorable to watch as she chases her foster siblings around the yard. Cher will also fetch a toy that is thrown for her but is still working on bringing it back. As much as she loves playing, this girl does thoroughly enjoy her pets and cuddles as well.

Her foster family thinks this might be the first time she has lived in a home, so she is still in the process of learning not to counter surf. Cher is crate trained, comes when called, knows “sit”, is house trained if kept on a schedule, and is working on her leash training and other basic commands. She is still very much a puppy and is quite mouthy, so she is not suitable for a home with young children. This rambunctious girl needs a home that will physically and mentally stimulate her and will set limits for her. Cher is still learning what is hers to play with and what is not, so she will need continued work on redirecting her to her toys.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we believe Cher is a Labradoodle or of similar heritage, she is NOT hypoallergenic. Her coat requires regular maintenance, grooming, and trimming.