Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Dakota is a strikingly beautiful 10 month old, female, 64 lb., Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. Her thick coat is chocolate brown, with the most stunning red highlights.

Bold and playful, Dakota can often be seen enthusiastically playing and horsing around with her canine foster mates, happily running around the yard chasing and being chased.

This girl is intelligent and adjusted quickly to the routine of her foster home and knows what is expected of her. She is also a fun gal who has learned to play fetch (including in the pool) and is quite the swimmer; she also loves catching the water in her mouth when the hose is turned on. Dakota is connected to her people and attentive to where her humans are and what they are doing. She often follows her foster mom, settling by her feet as she works. Of late, she has also been learning the pleasures of sitting on the couch with her humans for rest and relaxation in the evenings.

Dakota is house trained, sleeps through the night in her crate (and knows to go in it at bedtime), and knows sit and come. This is a girl who is loyal like a Retriever, enjoys activity and play, and with proper exercise and stimulation is just a delight to have around. She needs a home with a large fenced yard and an active canine playmate her size or larger. Since Dakota can be mouthy and overeager, we will not consider applications with young
children for her. Please do not inquire/apply for her if you do not fit this criteria.