Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Dakota, an 8-9 month old, female fluffy love, is absolutely beautiful. Her thick coat is chocolate brown, except her ears and the connecting part of her head, which are a light mocha; at this point we can’t tell if her coloring will stay like this or if she is transitioning into the lighter color with her new growth, but either way she is a real stunner.

Bold and playful, Dakota enthusiastically hangs out with any dog in sight. In foster care, she is learning how to be well mannered with her canine mates who she absolutely loves. Her rambunctious behavior is like that of a younger puppy (including mouthing hands and chewing on furniture) so she will continue to need work on appropriate limit setting which, in her short time here, she has been responsive to.

Happily, Dakota is also realizing with joy that people are actually good and giving (as opposed to just neutral) and, though she is not yet sure where the feeling is coming from, she is enjoying the pleasure of being pet. She has become more attentive to where her humans are and what they are doing and often follows her foster mom, settling by her feet as she works. Of late, she has also been learning the pleasures of sitting on the couch with her humans for rest and relaxation in the evenings. It seems like she has not lived in a house before, so she is fascinated by all of the new things (mirrors, TV, etc.) and it is a joy to watch her discover all of these new things. She has also been learning to play fetch.

Dakota is just about completely house trained. She sleeps through the night in her crate, though during the day this is better used for only short periods as she does get restless. This is a girl who enjoys activity and play and is just a delight to have around.