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Dogs in Hurricane Danger: How You Can Help

As summer comes to an end, we approach you asking for help.  With the projected devastation of Hurricane Dorian, A New Chance Animal Rescue has mobilized our hurricane response efforts.  Last year, during and after Hurricane Florence, you rallied to help us rescue 40 dogs and send over 10,000 lbs of supplies to affected areas (see photos below).  Our hope is that our response this year can have an even greater impact, but we need your assistance to do this!

  • FOSTER: We need foster families willing and able to take in dogs as they come to NY.
  • DONATE: These missions are extremely expensive; last year’s hurricane relief efforts cost over $25,000 in medical care for the dogs rescued, rental expenses, gas, etc.  We need your financial assistance to support this mission.
  • SUPPLIES: We will be sending supplies to the affected areas and will need supplies for foster families in NY who are taking dogs, so we need: dog food, dog crates, towels, sheets, blankets, dog treats, dog toys, cat food, cat litter, puppy pens, garbage bags, paper towels, and vinyl gloves.  Please email for drop-off locations.
  • DRIVERS:  We are also looking for volunteers to assist in bringing these special dogs to NY.  Drivers will meet a southern volunteer in Springfield, VA and bring the dogs back to Bedford, NY.  We provide you with crates, etc. and can cover gas and tolls.

If you can assist us in any way, please contact us at

Thank you for your continued support!

Warmest Regards,

The ANCAR Board