Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Knox is a smart, deeply affectionate 35 lb black lab mix puppy who loves playing fetch and getting tummy rubs! He greets his foster family in the morning with 360 degree tail wags. Knox is 5-6 months old, housetrained, walks well on the leash and sits on command- this dog loves to serve! He wants to please his family and is very trainable. Knox would love having a job and a role in his adoptive home.

Loyal and devoted, he will happily sit at his foster mom’s feet during meals or when she is working. He is also a lively boy who is a big fan of playing fetch. He is a great dog for a family as he is social, curious, engaged and gets along well with other dogs.

With his soulful eyes and happily wagging tail, Knox is a sweet and playful lovebug eager to be your best friend!