Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Loki is one good looking pup! This 10-12 month-old Anatolian shepherd mix has a soft, fluffy cream-colored coat and the most beautiful deep brown eyes. This gentle giant enjoys long, casual strolls, lengthy naps, and playtime outside.

Loki loves to play and will amuse you all day long. At 82 pounds (and growing, Anatolians can get up to 150 pounds), he is a big ball of fun and love. In his foster home he’s phenomenal with people, old and young. This big loving lug is sweet, laid back and loyal. Anatolians were bred to protect flocks, and consistent with this, Loki can be wary of strangers in his home.

He loves being with kids of all ages, but sometimes he doesn’t know how big he really is, so his ideal home would not have extremely young children or very small dogs. Loki is very connected with people and eager to learn; he already knows sit, paw and walks well on a leash. City living is not for this big rugged country guy. He will need a forever home with a fenced in backyard.

Loki loves to give wet kisses and snuggle—so be prepared for some major affection! If he’s not giving you a kiss he’s rolling over and offering his tummy for a belly rub. After a tough beginning, Loki just wants time with people and any excuse to snuggle up to his best friend for life.