Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Macy, affectionately called “Tiny Momma” by her foster family, is truly a dream. This poor girl came to us after she was surrendered to a SC kill shelter with her mother, father, and brother because their family was moving. At only 9 months old, this girl was already pregnant with her first (and last!) litter. Macy’s mother is a 48 lb. Black Lab mix, and her father is a 12 lb. Doxie/Terrier mix. At her normal weight (not pregnant or full of milk!), she will probably weigh about 25 lbs. and has the long and low Doxie build.

Darling Macy has been an amazing mother to her puppies, but it is now time to begin the search for her loving forever home. Macy wormed her way into the hearts of her entire foster family very quickly, with her wagging tail and wiggles of joy. She wants nothing more than to sit and cuddle with her humans on the couch and will even fall asleep on them. Macy gets along beautifully with the other dogs in her foster home and has a blast playing with them. She can even hold her own very well with the bigger dogs in her foster home (and isn’t afraid to put a rude dog in their place).

Cutest of all, however, is when she takes every single toy out of the toy box to bring to her bed. Macy is very content to lay on her bed and play with her toys there, and she redirects very well to toys when she is chewing on something she’s not supposed to. With her being a mother so young, it is easy for people to forget that this tiny momma is still a puppy herself; she is working on not jumping on people when she’s excited or wants attention. She adores her family (human and canine) and is the most delicious snuggler. Macy brings so much joy to everyone she is with, whether she’s giving you love or you’re watching her toss a squeaky toy around with pure joy – she is amazing!

Macy is house trained, knows “sit”, comes when called, walks well on a leash, and sleeps through the night perfectly.