Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Madden, a 6 month old, green eyed Whippet/Corgi mix with an adorable underbite and chocolate coat, is truly a very special gal. This angel is the sweetest puppy and loves cuddling with her humans, sleeping on their laps, and being spoken to. She plays, wrestles with her siblings, and drags her toys around with vigor. Most precious of all is the happy dance she does when she’s excited. Madden was born in a foster home so she has been in a loving environment, is used to living in a house, and is very well socialized. When she is tuckered out, Madden likes to curl up on her fleece blanket for a snooze.

Madden was born with a condition that affects her balance and coordination; as a result, her head bobs a little and she’s a bit unsteady and off balance. Despite this, she is enthusiastic and eager, cautious in facing new things but willing to practice over and over until she has mastered it; (it’s actually really quite inspiring). This is not a condition that worsens overtime and as we have seen with her, there is room for the young mind to somewhat adapt. A smart pup, she picks things up quickly and learns a lot about how to move better by watching her siblings and the other dogs in her foster home, so she would do best in a home with another dog.

Madden is crate and house trained if kept on a schedule and sleeps well through the night. She is highly food motivated, which definitely helps with her training.

All in all, this sweetheart will show you each and every day how to make the most out of life, with a tail that is always wagging. She would love a home that will celebrate all of her little victories with her. That lucky family will be rewarded infinitely with Madden’s pure joy and kind heart. This girl is really stellar! (Please take a look at her videos.)

Madden’s wiggly tail!

Madden puppy fun!

Madden wants a toy!