Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Marella, a 6 month old, 15 lb., female Whippet/Corgi mix is a real joy with her tail that literally never stops wagging. Quite the love bug, this girl is used to living in a home and we call her our social butterfly because she simply loves making new friends, both human and canine.

In the morning Marella is thrilled to see you and this continues all day long. After some kisses for her humans, she will happily flop over for you to rub her silky soft belly. When you pick her up, she snuggles her head into the crook of your neck for the most delicious cuddles and she loves when you talk to her and say her name. She is silly and loving at the same time.

Marella is inquisitive, intelligent, and engaged and roots around in her toy box looking for what she wants so she can play with it; she can often be found dancing around with a newly located toy. She is playful with her siblings and the other dogs in her foster home who she likes wrestling with or chasing in the yard and cuddling with in the house. Her outside behavior is enthusiastic and her inside behavior is loving and sweet. This girl does not use her brains to get into trouble and her very puppy experienced foster home says that she is an amazingly well rounded puppy.

Marella is crate and house trained if kept on a schedule and sleeps through the night. We expect this darling green eyed sweetheart to be about 20-25 lbs. when fully grown. Marella would be fine living with another dog(s) or alone as the star of the home, with children or without. So, think about it…wouldn’t you love this princess greeting you with wiggles of joy each and every morning?!