Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Marshall is just scrumptious! This adorable Doxie mix has the most precious wrinkled forehead and underbite. He enjoys playing with his toys and particularly loves a good tug-of-war battle with one (or more!) of his siblings. Marshall is wonderful with his siblings and the other dogs in his foster home and does the cutest little nose-to-nose touches with his much larger foster siblings. Once he is plenty tuckered out, Marshall can often be found sound asleep on his foster mom’s lap. This sweetheart has so much personality and the cutest little Doxie strut. We anticipate Marshall will be between 20-30 lbs when fully grown.

One of Macy’s Brands, this Doxie mix was born in foster care on September 8, 2018. Marshall has grown up in a loving foster home, is used to living in a house, and is very well socialized. This silly guy likes to stand in the food bowl while he eats (see photo). He also does what his foster mom calls his “meerkat stance”, where he sits up on his back legs and rests his front paws on the bars of his crate, when he isn’t thrilled about going into his crate for bedtime. Despite this, he is crate trained and house trained if kept on a schedule. We have no doubt this guy will fill his new home with plenty of laughs.

Marshall and Marella

Marshall gets a toy