Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Unlike his namesake, Movado will definitely make you lose track of time! This playful guy is hilarious to watch, with his beefy body and short Doxie legs. Though not the smartest in his litter, this pup more than makes up for it in personality. Movado loves to run and wrestle with his siblings and canine buddies (and runs pretty well, given his long and low body!). He can often be found dragging his toys around, especially the toys that are larger than him. When he is tuckered out, Movado enjoys cuddling up in his foster mom’s lap for a power nap.

This handsome guy has just a bit of distinguished scruff around his face (it is No-Shave November!). One of Macy’s Brands, this Doxie mix was born in foster care on September 8, 2018. Movado has grown up in a loving foster home, is used to living in a house, and is very well socialized. Due to his size, he would not be appropriate for a home with young children. Like his brother, Marshall, Movado does what his foster mom calls his “meerkat stance”, where he sits up on his back legs and rests his front paws on the bars of his crate, when he isn’t thrilled about going into his crate for bedtime. Just in case the puppy dog eyes aren’t enough to convince you to take him out, he also adds in some crying. Movado is looking for a home that will shower him with plenty of love but who is also not afraid to set boundaries for him.