Changing Lives … One Tail at a Time …


Nicky is a sweet, loyal and outgoing 18 month old 43 pound Black Lab mix. With his glossy jet black coat and athletic build, he is handsome, agile and eager to please. He loves to play fetch, and is also happy to putter around the house with his foster mom, and loves to cuddle at the end of the day. He’s extremely affectionate- even when he’s playing with another dog he likes to take little breaks and come over for a snuggle fix. Nicky knows “sit”, comes when he’s called and is working on “stay”. But his favorite word is “cookie”, which he learned immediately!

Nicky is a collector; he likes to find his toys from around the house and bring them back to his crate. House and crate trained, Nicky is also good with children and friendly with other dogs. He’s a go-anywhere kind of guy who loves to hop in the car to be an errand buddy. It’s funny to watch him listening to the music in the car – he tilts his head toward the sound and stops and listens. If you’re wondering about his musical taste, he seems to particularly like sopranos!

This well-rounded, loving boy is looking for a forever home with cookies and music and love to share!